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Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencils in 04 Ash Brown and 05 Espresso Brown Review + Swatches

Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencils
Bought for: Sale at P139 each | SRP: P225
Bought from: Innisfree OS

I have been seeing a lot of auto eyebrow pencils in the market and it becomes so hard to decide which ones to get. I've swatched a few of them the last time I went to the mall and it's really hard to distinguish what makes one differ from the other aside from the shade selection and shape of spoolies. I won't be talking about that right now unless I'm doing a comparison review (let me know if you like me to do one) so I'm going to talk about each brand on their own. Today, what I am going to review is these Auto Eyebrow Pencils I bought from Innisfree which is one of the popular Korean skin care brands nowadays.

(1) Eyebrow pencil for defined contours of eyebrows. It is a wide, flat oval-shaped eyebrow pencil for drawing wide lines when held flat and delicate lines at the tip of eyebrows when held straight; (2) Soft texture for minimized irritation. Its soft texture glides over without irritating the skin around the eyebrows and (3) Ideal match for hair color. Pick from one of seven colors matching your hair color to create a more sophisticated and sharp image.


I don't own a lot of eyebrow products but whenever I'm going to pick one, I prefer the ones in dual retractable packaging. I find them so useful, handy and convenient to use that you don't need anything anymore for your brows since it already comes with the eyebrow pencil and spoolie in one for that well-defined, easy-to-make brows. The product itself is slanted and flat that it lets you create a precise frame and somewhat mimic hair strands to easily fill in bland gaps.


The product comes in 7 shades which perfectly matches most if not all Asian skin tones. These are 01 Rose Brown By The Setting Sun, 02 Dark Night Sky Black, 03 Dreamy Dawning Gray, 04 Early Morning Dew Ash Brown, 05 Midnight Espresso Brown, 06 Urban Brown Before Daylight and 07 Sweet Honey Brown All Night. Why are the names all about time? Lol. Anyway, what I got is the 04 Ash Brown and 05 Espresso Brown because right now, I don't have dyed hair so it's a blend of black and brown.

Texture and Ease of Application

The brow products are easy to apply and glides easily on the skin with a soft texture. The pigmentation is a bit sheer especially the Ash Brown (which is also drier and sheerer in overall texture compared to the Espresso Brown) so you will need to coat some more for a better color payoff. This could be a bit disappointing if you want bolder brows in an instant but I think of it as an advantage for a couple of reasons. First, it's mistake proof. Since the color is sheer, you can easily remove any mistakes with a concealer or even a tissue paper. Also, you can control how bold you want your brows to be. Second, brows look full and well-defined but more natural-looking compared to when you are using brow creams or powders in pans. Again, if you don't like sheer pigmentation, this product is not for you.

The accompanying spoolie has  soft and fine hairs that easily diffuses any sharp lines and brushes the hair in a nice single direction. As you can see on the photo below, the product tends to look patchy but it is something the spoolie can fix easily.

Performance and Longevity

These brow products are quite long-lasting (lasts about 5 hours with minimal fading) and does not smudge. Reapplication is easy and you can reapply as many times as you'd wish. The pencil is about an inch and a half long so you have a lot of backups and it's so affordable. These are really nice investments on your vanity area! Plus, you get to choose what shade to wear depends on your hair color! I love this and would highly recommend!

I use the Ash Brown to fill the outer corner of my brows and use the Espresso brown on the inner area.


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