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Naturactor Pressed Powder in Shade 441 Review + Full Makeup Swatch

Naturactor Pressed Powder in Shade 441
Bought for: P350 | SRP: $14.95 (Around $750)
Bought from: an online shop

I'm a powder girl. I guess being born with the oiliest skin you can ever imagine, it's pretty much normal for me. Whether it is cream, loose or pressed, consider me a huge sucker of anything powdery finish. Today, here's another review to a pressed powder which I am currently loving, no other than Naturactor Pressed Powder. Mine's in the shade 441.

We all know that Naturactor is a Japanese Brand and they are even a hit for the famous Cover Face Concealer which in all honesty, something I'm quite against with. It looks cakey on me, oxidizes a bit unfairly and emphasizes all the dryness in my skin which is quite ironic because I do have oily skin type. However, the spotlight is not supposed to be pointed towards it so I'll deal with it when it's time, all right?

Naturactor Pressed Powder gives the best coverage without the hassle of putting an armor of makeup! Effectively covers large pores, dark spots, skin discolorations, scars, fine lines and other skin imperfections. It Infuses your skin with Jojoba Esters to keep it soft, supple and hydrated, Squalene and Vitamin E to keep it looking younger and firmer while Lauroyl Lysine primes your skin to get that smooth look as it prevents caking, patching, flaking and spotting. Naturactor pressed powder is based on the combination of Mica, Silica and Pearl to give an unparalleled skin illuminating effect that leaves your skin looking divine and flawless all day!


It comes in a standard type of packaging--very lightweight, compact and functional. It has a small mirror inside and comes with an accompanying sponge. The sponge is okay, I guess, but I throw it away since I'm not really into this kind of thing. I prefer to use a powder brush that I can wash every now and then.

All the information are written in Japanese and Naturactor should know that they do have international customers. I bet anyone would appreciate if it's in universal language or they could even provide just a quick translation. Since curiosity always kills the cat, we end up wasting time looking for information online.


I got the shade 441 because from the color samples online, it appears that it is intended for those with light complexions with yellow undertones. Turns out, they are way too different in person. 441 is a tad lighter than I expected and has a peachy pink undertone. That goes without saying that you can't really trust color samples hundred percent. Anyway, Naturactor products comes in very limited shades but we're quite lucky enough to find something as close as possible to Asian skin tones.

Naturactor Pressed Powder comes in 4 shades:
  • 430 Rosy, pinkish shade. Suitable for very light skin tone.
  • 441 Light shade that blends great with Naturactor Cover Face 130 and 140.
  • 451 Medium shade that blends great with Naturactor Cover Face 141 and 150.
  • 470 Illuminating Shade perfect as a concealer for dark areas of the face such as the under eyes


Pearl Powder, Mica, Silica, Jojoba Ester, Vitamin E, Squalene, Lauroyl Lysine, White Tea Extract, Lycii Berry Extract, Milk Thistle Extract.

Products like this with less ingredients as possible are quite appealing and the idea that less is better got me sold. And so I appreciate Naturactor trimming down chemicals to 10. What is even more surprising is that the whole product comprises of only beneficial and natural ingredients! I also noticed that in part of Talc, they use Pearl Powder instead. Though I wasn't so convinced with ongoing research and debates that Talcum powders are really bad for the health, it gives me (and us) a peace of mind knowing that what I am using is purely mild and hypoallergenic.

Scent, Texture and Ease of Application

It really has a fine, smooth texture that doesn't cake or loosen up when applied either with a sponge or brush. It is indeed very sheer and lightweight on the skin, enough to control everyday oils. Another good thing about it is that it's sheer enough not to add any additional coverage or texture on the skin so cakey makeup won't be a problem at all. It barely smells anything too so those who are sensitive to scents will not find it off-putting. It's probably the first ever pressed powder that stirred away from the standard scent of compact powders. I'm giving it a point for that matter!

Coverage, Longevity and Overall Performance

This pressed foundation offers a sheer coverage but still pretty much looking decent even when worn on its own. If you don't like sheer coverage, you have the option to use Naturactor Cover Face Foundation or the Powder Foundation for added concealing. The pressed powder itself brightens overall complexion and somewhat blurs out pores and imperfections for a healthier, more youthful looking skin.. I personally prefer this as a setting powder though over any foundations I have for it get rid of too much dewiness and seal the makeup on, making it last longer than usual. My face stays oil-free for about 4 hours (no blotting needed!) and because I have very oily skin, mind you, that is already quite an achievement!

If you would like a setting powder that effectively mattifies the skin without looking too flat and cakey, this is perfect for you. It works well with foundations to blur pores, keep oil at bay, and increase the longevity of your makeup without looking like you overdo it. The price is pretty much reasonable for the quality and I must say, the oils in me tingles in excitement for my next pressed powder!


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