Thursday, March 1, 2018

Obsess With This Baby Scent: Chicco Natural Sensation Sweet Perfumed Water

Chicco Natural Sensation Sweet Perfumed Water
Bought for: Free with points | SRP: P650
Bought from: Sampleroom

Is it only me who find the scents of baby colognes obsessing? Different designer brands offer us long lasting and feminine fragrances in luxurious bottles. Unfortunately, their price tags are just as hefty as how they look. As much as I would like to own as many as Hollywood stars own, I just couldn't find myself splurging thousand bucks when I am already contented with the ones in colorful plastic bottles. Not only they make you smell just like cute toddlers, they are also a good value for money. The only downside could be the  longevity but I'm happy I found something that is both cheap and long-lasting with Chicco Natural Sensation Sweet Perfumed Water!

A tender, delicate, and water-based fragrance for sweet-smelling baby cuddles. Suitable for newborn babies. Works on all baby skin types. Alcohol-free. Parabens-free. Dyes-free. Clinically tested on sensitive skins. Hypoallergenic. Respect of the physiological pH.

I got this for free from Sampleroom but if I am to buy it on its original price, it would cost me P650. Quite more expensive than usual baby colognes but you are also paying for its gentleness and nice fresh scent! It doesn't contain alcohol that sometimes sting our sensitive skin so I like it. It feels like you are only applying water on the skin but with a fresh-smelling, sweet scent that lasts for hours.

The product comes in a simple packaging with a bit of a twist. is housed in a fragile glass bottle with a blue plastic cap that looks really awesome. I mean where can you get a baby cologne that does come in a glass bottle? It does not come with a spritz button but application is still convenient though I tend to overapply.

Overall, this is a really nice scent which is perfect whether for baby or adult use. I'm willing to repurchase though I'm not really sure where to get one from their physical stores.

What is your favorite baby cologne? I also like Angel's Breathe and the ones from Bench!


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