Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My Sigma Shopping Experience + Makeup Brushes Haul

*The purpose of haul posts are not to brag but to share first time experiences and/or sneak peaks of future reviews plus talk of anything related to beauty.

We all know that when we talk about quality makeup brushes, Sigma's one of the leading brands we could ever think of. And because their brushes are, no joke, a bit on the expensive side, I had to really save and wait until they host a sale which they fortunately do, a lot of times. Just last 4th of March 2018, I decided to splurge on two brush sets which are the Premium Professional Kit (15-piece set) and Basic Face Kit (5-piece set). I was supposed to buy the entire chrome set with 29 pieces of both face and eye brushes yet I hesitated thinking I won't be using everything in the collection.

Last April 02, 2018, I received a notice from the post office that I have a parcel waiting to be claimed. The first thing I had in my mind was the brushes I ordered from Sigma. As if I ordered anything else straight from abroad! Since they offer FREE INTERNATIONAL NON-TRACKABLE SHIPPING for orders worth $150 and above, I took advantage of that and got my parcel in a month's period.


F25 TAPERED FACE BRUSH: Apply blush right where you want it
F15 DUO FIBRE POWDER/BLUSH BRUSH: Achieve a natural blush application
F10 POWDER/BLUSH BRUSH: Get controlled coverage with powder products
L05 LIP BRUSH: Perfect lip looks on the go
F35 TAPERED HIGHLIGHTER BRUSH: Achieve diffused highlighting
F20 LARGE POWDER BRUSH: Apply powder all over with control
E35 TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH: Blend and diffuse crease color precisely
F75 CONCEALER BRUSH: Clean up lip and eye looks
E25 BLENDING BRUSH: Apply and combine shadow shades
E45 SMALL TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH: Blend color into crease creating depth
F65 LARGE CONCEALER BRUSH: Conceal large areas of the face
E15 FLAT DEFINER BRUSH: Apply color for definition along lashlines
E50 LARGE FLUFF BRUSH: Highlight the upper cheekbone and brow bone
E10 SMALL EYE LINER BRUSH: Create extra-fine lines with gel or liquid
E20 SHORT SHADER BRUSH: Apply and blend shadows for definition

BASIC FACE KIT (as per Sigma)

F30 LARGE POWDER BRUSH: Evenly powder all over the face
F50 DUO FIBRE BRUSH: Create an airbrush effect with blush, highlight or bronzer
F40 LARGE ANGLED CONTOUR BRUSH: Softly contour the cheekbone with blush or bronzer
F70 CONCEALER BRUSH: Conceal with precision around the nose and eyes
F60 FOUNDATION BRUSH: Smooth on liquid or cream foundation

The items were carefully sealed in a huge box, huge enough to look awkward on me (good thing, Adrian's with me). It doesn't lack anything in my invoice so it's fairly hassle-free. I don't want any issues with my items do I ship it back to U.S. right? Aside from the brushes, I also receive a complimentary sample of Sigmagic Liquid Brush Cleaner and an information booklet.

Basically, here's how much ordering from Sigma costed me including the 30% off discount from using the code SHOPSIGMA. Don't use it anymore, it's long been expired. :P No worries though, I'm pretty sure they have upcoming promotions for us all!

And of course, I had to test customer service too! Since I opted for the free non-trackable shipping, I was scared I'd lose my items. I inquired whether or not my parcel was already in transit and how many days would it take for me to receive them and some more other queries. The representatives I spoke to gave me prompt and speedy replies. They were courteous too. Kudos!

Overall, it was fun shopping in Sigma Beauty. I'm definitely rooting for the Kabuki Brush Set next time! Have you tried shopping from Sigma if you are overseas? Any thoughts?


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