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IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour With Vitamin E Review

IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Powder
Bought for: Sale at P177 | SRP: P350
Bought from: IN2IT

Way back 2015 up until first few months of 2017, I never own anything intended for my brows. Lining my brows wasn't my thing and I can go on with just a natural-looking blush and foundation. Sometimes, nothing at all. Well, I guess, not until I get introduced to retractable eyebrow pencils that are very convenient to use. I guess, that started my addiction for eyebrow products. And just last November, I decided to get my hands on this cult-favorite eyebrow powder from the brand IN2IT. This did not sound alien to me at all because ever since I was in college, a lot of the people I know who are beauty enthusiasts raved about how good this eyebrow powder is. I've been meaning to get this the entire year I was in fourth year college but I guess I'd rather spend for skincare. THAT WAS WAY BACK THOUGH. I love makeup and skincare equally now (cheers!).

Waterproof and long lasting eye brow colour in a three shade collection. Intense colour and easy to blend. Soft and smooth with the moisturiser vitamin E. Easy to apply with the nylon hair brush applicator and mirror compact.


I'd rather not talk much about this product 'cause I'm pretty sure everyone's familiar with this. Still, I would like to write down what interests me most about this product.

First off, I like the sleek black packaging with floral details. Whenever you hold it, it feels sturdy and has some weight to it. You better be careful though, as plastic compacts like this could easily break when you accidentally step or drop it. For the love of reading, I appreciate that it has tiny information at the back like directions for use (I'm pretty sure you all know the drill), cautions and list of ingredients. I'm quite glad to know it has an amazing shelf life of 5 years. I don't think it would take me that long to empty it considering that I love using it on a daily basis.

I'm also surprised to figure out it has a small mirror inside, perfect  to use if you are going to retouch anywhere and anytime. It also has an accompanying tiny brush with nylon bristles which I don't think I'll ever use because it does not have that precision to it--it's too rough and stiff and also too dense for my liking. It was also hastily cut in a slanted angle. I appreciate the fact that they consider selling it with an applicator though.

Texture, Pigmentation and Ease of Application

To test the texture, I had to run my fingers on all shades and they are soft and creamy. They glides easily on the brows and I love that about it. You don't have to have good blending skills as it's easy to work with. One thing I notice though is that there tends to be fallouts whenever I use this. Nonetheless, it gives a decent color pay-off and for a drugstore product, I'm amazed. If you want to sport a bolder look and make it even longer-lasting, you can wet it with some water--something I learned when I was being made up during my graduation pictorial. If I wasn't mistaken, they are using the same product and my brows stays in shape the entire day!


What I really love the most about this is that it comes in three shades which I'll label as light brown, medium brown and dark brown just because I can't think of any names for them haha! So if ever I dye my hair a lighter shade, then I have a shade to choose that will suit my hair color. Also, I find this palette very versatile because I can also use them as eye shadows! If you want to have a nice transition for your brows, you can use the dark brown shade to frame, medium brown to fill in bald spots and the light brown for the inner corners of your brows. This works best for me!

If you are to use this, make sure to properly store it, tightly close the lid when not in use because I find that this became less creamy and more powdery as time goes by. I have this November and it is no longer as creamy as it was compared to when I just bought it. The temperature could be the primary factor as it can suck out moisture. This is not a big deal though 'cause again, you can wet it anytime you want. As for the waterproof claim, definitely it's not, but it's long-wearing and can withstand sweat and heat without creasing or fading.

Overall, this is a really good investment and whether you're a pro or just beginning to get to know makeups, this is a perfect for you. It's by far, the best eyebrow palette I have ever own and will surely repurchase once I run out!


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