Thursday, April 26, 2018

MAC #196 Synthetic Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush Review: Is It Worth It?

MAC 196 Synthetic Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush
Bought from an online shop
SRP: $35 (Around P1,800)

Achieve a naturally flawless finish by using the 196 Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush. This ultra-smooth, round brush features short bristles and a flat slanted top that reaches each and every contour of the face. The brush is made of soft, synthetic fibres giving it a luxurious, silky yet supple feel. Its shortened, dense bristles allow for the highly controlled, quick and even application of a range of formulas including liquid, cream, gel and powder. The result is a smooth, buffed-out finish.
Being so obsessed with makeup brushes nowadays, I'm up for trying anything from any brands. What would make you not fall head over heels with them when they do have such sleek and sturdy handles and ferrules and the bristles are soft as baby's bum. And because almost half in my makeup stash are foundations, I decided to buy MAC 196 Synthetic Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush. To be honest, I find it funny that I got my very first ever product from MAC, (okay, no judgement, I'm always broke af!) and it wasn't even a makeup but a brush! Still, I have been using this for a month now, alternating it with some of my buffer brushes every now and then and here's what I thought.

When I got this, I received the product as is, sealed in a plastic and the moment I held it, I know there was a reason why it's priced a bit expensively. It is sized smaller than my brushes from Sigma but the it makes it easier to work with. The size of the bristles aren't flimsy and huge to give me a hard time reaching every corner of my face nor too small to take me forever to blend. It has a weight to it and the matte handle with pecks of tiny shimmers look and feel very sturdy. It didn't have that sleek and posh kinda look Zoeva and Sigma has but it still look as high quality on its own. It also has that MAC 196 label imprinted on the handle--it's shiny and doesn't rub off even after several washes. There's a teeny bit word that says CHINA at the back of the handle which I don't know whether it's something to be amused or scared of. Nonetheless, I'll be focusing on what matters.

I would like to emphasize that the bristles of this brush are super soft and dense like crazy, I can barely compare it with anything else I have tried. I have always had this never-ending love for buffing brushes and though I love my buffer from Zoeva, I find my experience with Mac's a totally different thing. Sure, they are both soft and dense but I guess the way the latter was designed to be slanted makes a huge difference too. Also, it has shorter bristles so you have more control over it. The elevated part makes it easy for me to apply foundation even on the smallest contours of my face. I love that it is dense enough to pack foundation on my skin streak-fee which usually only a few sponges can do. 

Now, here are the things I find off-putting about it. First off, this foundation brush absorbs too much makeup. It could be because it has a lot more bristles that it soaks up more foundations too. That being said, the brush takes too much time and effort before it gets cleaned up because the makeup gets stuck in between bristles. Also, with regular use and washes, this brush barely retain its shape anymore. You really have to manually maneuver the bristles in one direction so it stays put.

I have tried this brush with both cream and liquid foundations and I must say that it pretty gets the job done quickly. However, I have read somewhere that some people rant how this foundation brush tends to be selective in terms of foundation's consistency. I think this brush is better for thicker formulations though. Nonetheless, it blends foundations like a dream.

Even with too many pros and cons, I still think that MAC #196 Synthetic Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush is a good product without having to think of its price tag. However, there are still other buffer brushes out there, quality is almost at par or better, also get the job done but are priced more reasonably. I don't say don't buy it because you might miss the luxurious feel of the bristles on the skin. However, if you are low in budget but still would like to own quality foundation brushes, I'm pretty sure you can find something in the drugstore.

Have you tried MAC #196 Synthetic Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush? Do you think it's worth it? Do share your comments down below! Happy blogging!


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