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NBI Clearance Quick Renewal Delivery: Hassle-free Because No More Long Queue!

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with NBI. Everything noted here are based on my own experience. Any information, exceptions or queries unrelated to Quick Renewal Delivery is no longer within my knowledge. I don't guarantee the same thing will happen to you as it will depend on certain factors.

NBI Clearance is considered as one of the valid certificates we could use here in the Philippines. It's one of the few valid I.D.s that are usually being asked when we do transactions, application for primary identification cards or even for verification purposes. A lot of people are requesting for this on a daily basis for initial application and renewal, however, gone are the days when we have to fall in long queues just to have our documents printed. Fortunately, NBI launched a website that we can utilize to register an account with them with all our valid information. This is mainly to avoid the time-consuming filling out of personal information on the actual site. And imagine, with the use of your internet connection, you can now register your information online hassle-free.

While there are a lot of procedures tackling about NBI Clearance Application Steps, nothing seem to discuss how convenient the renewal of the clearance nowadays is. I can tell because I had troubles figuring out if the NBI Clearance Quick Renewal option (found on the bottom main page of NBI Clearance) is really working. While I'm used to patiently waiting in long lines, it still pays if I could renew my clearance without me having to repeat all the application steps all over again. It does not make any sense that I had an initial application a year ago and then I would have to do everything again when, in fact, databases are created.

If you are someone who's about to have your first time getting an NBI Clearance, basically, you have to register online, follow normal sign up option, enter your information when prompted and select apply for clearance. You won't have any troubles as the site and templates are very user-friendly. Once you click the 'Ápply For Clearance' button, you'll be prompted as to which valid I.D. you will be presented to validate your information, schedule an appointment to an actual site and pay for the required fee (they offer different modes of payment). On the day of your scheduled appointment, you can online imagine how long the queue is and the dilemma won't end there. You will also have to take a photo, work on biometrics, sign up necessary documents and it will pretty much consume a good 3 freakin' hours of your time--more if you're unlucky, less would be considered a miracle. It might even take longer if you don't register online.

If you are just about to renew your NBI Clearance, good news, all you need is an internet connection (does not matter how speedy it is :P) and some cash!

How To Renew NBI Clearance The Easiest Way?

1. Go to NBI main site. Select NBI Clearance Quick Renewal (on the bottom main page). Note: There's no need to log in because you won't be able to see this option anymore. No need to pay attention to the 'register box' as well.

2. A pop up box will appear. It will prompt you to type in your NBI I.D. No. found in your old clearance. Yes, that's the long alpha-numeric characters. Click 'verify'.

3. Another box will appear asking for your home address. Just fill it out. They will send your new clearance on the address you typed in so make sure it's correct and reachable. After filling it out, an initial amount will show up on the bottom. Click 'next'.

4. You will need to update your birthday information. And choose whichever mode of payment is the most convenient. I don't know if the site is only having a technical issue but I was only allowed to pay through Bayad Center.

5. Another box will pop up and it will instruct you to keep the reference code flashing and pay on the nearest Bayad Center or LBC. Please do take note that they add additional P25 for utilizing the site. It's not yet included on the total amount.

6. That's it! No need to chat NBI or present your proof of payment anywhere. Don't expect any e-mail confirmation or tracking information because nothing will be provided. This is only for those who can take a risk. Relax and stay in the comfort of your house and wait until you receive the document via LBC! Mine barely took a week and I'm surprised! I paid on April 26 and got it April 31!

Note: The NBI Clearance will only show all the information you entered when you initially created your account years back. The same information will display on your new clearance unless updated. If there's an information you would like to change, you will need to log in first and update your account. There's no option for this during the quick renewal process, so be mindful.

That's pretty much everything! I never thought this was made possible. If you don't opt for the delivery and much preferred walking in (and saving for the additional fee on shipping), that's perfectly fine too. The process won't take as much time as when it was your initial application. Just go to the nearest NBI site and they would be willing to assist.


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