Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New Real Techniques Rtist Brushes: To Buy Or Not

(c) Real Techniques

I've probably told you a hundred times but I am currently into raising an arsenal of brushes (bwahahaha!). I probably have everything I could ever need for a complete makeup look, yet I can't help wishing for more. Just what a lovely view I can have everyday seeing those fluffy, soft brushes in an organized way! You're with me?

Just recently, one of my favorite drugstore makeup brush brand released a new collection dubbed as Rtist Brushes and you can just imagine how my inner intestines are tingling with excitement! It comes in three functional brushes for a perfect base: Rtist Finish Brush, Powder Brush and Foundation Brush. They retail for $10.99 each, approximately around P570 in Philippine Peso.

Here's what Real Techniques claim for each brush:

The RTist Finish Brush has a full, rounded shape for blending color onto the cheeks; pro cut for a sheer, buildable application; ideal for buffing + blending blush, contour makeup, and highlighting powders.
The RTist Powder Brush has dome cut bristles and soft edges to seamlessly buff powders; pro cut brush for a natural look; ideal cut for framing around the edge of the face with bronzer to warm up your look; ideal for powders.
The RTist Foundation Brush has a finely tapered cut for applying + blending full coverage foundation; pro cut brush for flawless foundation application; ideal for liquids.
Now...do they sound interesting? Indeed! I love collecting face brushes and these will probably be a good investment but what makes me a bit apprehensive is the overall design of the brushes. I'm not really a fan of those curved features and I wish they come in three different colors. I know there's a meaning behind that but yup, that's just basically my own preference lol.

Would you get one for yourself? What do you think of the newest brushes from Real Techniques? If ever you've already tried them, what are your thoughts? Should I buy it? I'd appreciate your comments! Happy blogging!


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