Thursday, May 24, 2018

First Affordable Elf Cosmetics Haul Straight From The U.S.

This is an overdue blog post because the haul was made March 19, 2018 though I just received the parcel about a couple of days ago. It was shipped straight from the U.S. first via FedEx SmartPost and arrived at my MSB U.S. address. It was then shipped to my preferred third party courier service, MSB or My Shopping Box, where I chose the sea cargo (takes much more time in transit but is way cheaper). I don't mind because I am so patient when it comes to makeup. Good things are worth the wait, agree?

So I got these when Elf Cosmetics had this sale in March where I was able to snag some items about 60% off. Others were barely a dollar, you see? Now, if you are a fan of Elf and love hauling from their site, you pretty much had the idea that sales like this aren't very rare. In fact, Elf has an ongoing site-wide sale as of the moment where everything's at 50% off their retail prices (for purchases $35 above).

Aside from the discount, I also was able to use a coupon code that gave me an extra $10 off. The shipping fee from MSB to Philippines cost me only about $12 dollars so I'd like to think I got the items in the best discounted price possible. I love Elf Cosmetics and am planning to do a next haul once I got off my shopping ban. :) For the items I got, check what's listed down below!

All Over Cover Stick - $0.40
19 Piece Brush Set - $35
Hydrating Jelly Spritz - $3.20 (Review here)

Let me know if you are planning to haul stuff from Elf or if you already did! Would love to hear good stuff about them down below! Happy blogging!


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