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I've Had The Most Convenient Way Of Coloring My Hair ft. Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color

Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color in Golden Brown and Bronze Brown
Bought for: Free | SRP: P419/each
From: Liese Philippines

I have always wanted to dye my hair but rather than spending thousands in hair salons, I would prefer doing it myself. Not just I get to save some cash but I could also learn from it, right? I have been planning to dye my hair and miracle just happened when Liese Philippines reached out to me and said that they would love to send something over for me to try. Well, it was a beautiful PR package, is it not? Liese has been making the rounds now in social media and a lot of fellow bloggers has been talking about them lately. Just what an overwhelming surprise it is to be chosen as one of the reviewers by Japan's #1 Hair Coloring Brand, right? Having received two timeless shades of hair dyes, I just couldn't wait to share my experience with you! Moving forward, here's my thoughts after trying out the one in Golden Brown!

An easy-to-use, fuss-free hair dye kit that quickly transforms gray to trendy hair color. Non-drip foam turns to cream and enables complete coverage of strands; pigment-rich colorant transforms gray strands to trendy hair color; lets you achieve rich, lasting tints; replenishes moisture with royal jelly extract to give hair a healthy, bouncy look; “low-smell” formula won’t sting.


The Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color line is designed to entirely cover gray hair which I don't mind playing with. So I was sent two (2) shades to review among the four (4) shades from the Basic Brown series--Golden Brown, Bronze Brown, Brown and Black Brown. There's a few more color variety to choose from like Red/Pink, Warm Brown and Ash Brown Series. One item from the PR package I got is Golden Brown which appears to be more vibrant than the Bronze Brown. Since I have uncolored hair prior to application, I opted for the one that promises a more vibrant shade based on the color guide provided.


To be honest, your mind won't go blank because there are lots of precautions and directions that are found in one kit. The box itself displays all (or even more) necessary information you will ever need for a safe, hassle-free application. You really have to read over because there are really important notes that you will need to follow. One mistake and you might not like what you will eventually get.

What's included in the kit? And what you will be needing...

Basically, there's solution 1 (black bottle) and solution 2 (white bottle) that you have to mix together. The solution in the white bottle has a milky color while the one in black has a clear color. Both are liquidy. Once you mix them together, they will turn a fuzzy shade of grayish brown which I believe what would give the hair the tint it needs. There's also this pink foaming device that you have to switch over with the cap from the white bottle. I really do appreciate that you can find a rinse-off treatment in this kit to save your hair mainly from dyeing. Set that pink aluminum sachet aside for now, you won't need that until you rinse the foam off your hair. There's two gloves provided to avoid staining your hands while you are on the process.

And just what did I tell you about too much information? I'm quite surprise that this product also includes a huge manual that displays all the information you have to know about the product. There's both Japanese (I think it's Japanese because Liese is a Japanese brand, right? Correct me if I'm wrong!) and English translation so no worries, you will catch up!

Before I forget, you will also need a towel, oil-based creams to avoid staining your skin and easy removal of dyes, and basically anything to protect the things around you (floor, tables, etc) from staining.

Directions For Use

The manual is very user-friendly so you won't have troubles following what it's saying. Make sure that your hair is clean and dry prior to application and wear clothes that you don't mind staining. Apply a generous amount of oil based creams on any areas of your skin that you think might accidentally get stained like ears, forehead, and nape.

Basically, you just have to pour Solution 1 to the bottle of Solution 2  Mix them by turning the bottle upside down for 5 times and make sure not to shake! Replace the white cap with the pink foaming device, wear your gloves and start squeezing away to create foam. Disperse it on your hair as quick as you could and remember that the solution is only good for about 60 minutes/1 hour after mixing both solutions together. You don't have to have any skills in applying the foam just as long as you make sure that every strands are coated. It's basically like how you shampoo your hair.

You have to leave it on for about 20 minutes or more depends on how quick you think your hair would absorb the tint. I left mine for about 30 minutes after covering my head with foam. It was noted the one kit would suffice a shoulder-length hair, mines not long enough but definitely longer and thicker so I'm quite hesitant with the ratio. Still, I let it go.


I was really satisfied with the outcome because it gave me an even color that does not look like I just did it myself. It gave me a coppery shade of brown I love and the color was so vibrant that even my colleagues told me how I look so 'blooming'. Given that I have black hair, one kit gave me a whole new look and the color was distinguishable enough even from afar. The whole process was super easy and it barely took me 2 hours to have everything done. Thanks to the non-drip formula, I don't have to tire myself up for cleaning out mess and stains. Everything about is is absolutely true, though I'm still kind of irritated with the funky strong scent of dyes, I appreciate that it wasn't too strong at all.

For those who are asking, Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color dried my hair just a teeny bit but it's nothing the rinse-off treatment and maintenance conditioners wouldn't get rid of. Overall, I'm just so satisfied with this product, I'm so happy I tried it, and looking forward to try Bronze Brown maybe next month! Have you tried self-hair-coloring?


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