Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Manila Bay Cruise With Set Dinner Experience

I've always dreamed of cruising. I remember a year ago when we were doing our thesis and though I couldn't give the credit to myself, we decided to tackle the lives of fellow Filipinos aboard cruise ships. We planned a lot and because we don't have the money to afford paying for a tour, we always waited at the terminal whenever a cruise ship arrives. We used to watch them from a distance and even right after we passed our thesis, our team and I had to pinky swear we'll have our own time of our lives aboard soon. While I don't have the money yet for a month-long cruise, it's a good thing we have this 90-minute Manila Bay Dinner Cruise that we can take advantage of.

Manila Bay Cruise offers us an hour and a half of bay cruise. You will have a tour across the Manila Bay wherein you'll see city lights from afar. A dinner set will be served up together with some romantic serenade all throughout. They do have schedules and basically, you need to be there 30 minutes before the ship sails away. For your convenience, I'll be linking down the schedule and contact persons here.

To be honest, Adrian was the one who brought me here. He's always the more adventurous so he planned all the trips we had every time he's here for a quick vacation. Basically, he called in advance to reserve for an 8:00 PM tour on a weekday. We luckily made it by 7:30 PM at the Esplanade Seaside Terminal and upon arrival, we went to the Sun Cruises reception area to confirm our booking and have our tickets. We were then instructed to pay for the terminal fee of P30 per person. While waiting for the ferry to arrive, we just took photos of whatever we saw.

At about 8:00 PM, we had to board the ferry and we were welcomed warmly by the crew. I find it so funny that is was only me and Adrian and another couple who reserved for an 8:00 PM tour. It was like we had the whole ship for us. Haha! After about 10 minutes, the ferry sailed across the open sea. There wasn't much significant views at night aside from the city lights coming from not so far, so we guess everyone else opt for the 6:00 PM tour where there was still light coming from the sun. If I could just wake up earlier, we could have taken photos of the sunset, of the great scenery while we're on board.

When it started to sail, I just couldn't help myself looking at the waters and surveying the whole interior. It was a breezy night perfect to battle the humid summer weather. We were allowed to go to the front deck too where the air was even cooler and you get a better view of the city from afar. Adrian and I were crazy talking about the almost exact scene from Titanic.

We were served up with a rice set dinner at about 7:20 PM. On our plate was rice, roasted chicken, fish fillet with mayonnaise, bread, and pancit--all with a twist in flavor. For the dessert with had this butterscotch/tart-like delicacy which I failed to know  the name of.

Sorry about my hair! It was breezy! Hehehe!

It was around 9:30 when the ferry docked and we disembarked. Overall, it was a breath of fresh air from what Adrian and I usually do. If you love to wander, this is a perfect activity to do as it would also help you appreciate the beauty of Manila Bay and the nearby city. It was overall unique, fun and memorable without you having to shell out a huge chunk of money. If I am to visit again though, I'd rather take the earlier tour to capture a nicer view and get to see more people to liven up the night!


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