Thursday, May 17, 2018

Naturals By Watsons Argan Revitalising Hand Cream Review

Naturals By Watsons Argan Revitalizing Hand Cream
Bought for: P99/60ml at Watsons

Last month, I dropped by the Watsons near our office to snag some essentials I just ran out of. Since moisturizer is always a necessity for my super dry hands. I decided to pick up a hand cream I haven't tried yet. The Watsons I went to wasn't big enough to carry lots of brands so there was like only a few lotions to choose from. Most of them were even body lotions and if I am not mistaken, Naturals By Watsons Argan Revitalizing Hand Cream is the only one in the hand cream section apart from its other limited variants. I think it was Collagen, Paw Paw or something. Don't hold it against me if I'm wrong, just guessing!

Naturals By Watsons Argan Revitalising Hand Cream has a rich formula that intensively moisturises yet gently nourishes your skin. Organic Argan Oil nourishes and protects skin with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids and boosts the skin's moisture. It contains Organic Germ Wheat Extract (antioxidants and anti-aging), Organic Avocado Oil (moisturizes and nourishes the skin), Vitamin B3 (protects again UV damage and improves elasticity). Free from Paraben, Mineral Oil, Silicones, Colorants and Isothiazolinone.


Product is housed conveniently in a tube that easily dispenses cream. I kind of don't like the twist cap for I tend to always carelessly drop it. The container has a matte feel to it and the brown with notes of herbs and plants make it appealing and promising to the eyes. Just how would you feel about putting the finest organic ingredients on your delicate skin, right? You will see tons of information as well at the back so the whole designs makes it attractive to those who love to read and as curious as a cat.

Texture, Scent and Ease of Application

The cream comes in white, creamy formula that feels lightweight once absorbed. It instantly hydrates and soften the skin while giving you a clean, soapy scent that wears about all day. What I find disappointing though is that the moisture does not last long when you are in an air-conditioned place. Unless you can afford to constantly reapply, this would be a problem. If you just needed a boost of moisture even in a tropical country like Philippines, this product can pass as it won't give you that heavy, greasy moisture. As for my personal preference, the best hand cream for me would be as thick as Nivea Creme. That's the kind of texture that would last throughout cold temperature.

Overall Thoughts

Naturals By Watsons Argan Revitalising Hand Cream is just one of the products in Watsons' Naturals skin care line. Although I wasn't really satisfied with the level of hydration it gives, I'm willing to give the other variants a try. It's refreshing to know that Watsons is also putting its best effort in providing us quality products that are infused with organic ingredients without the pricey tags. What else is there to say...ahhh! Did I mention that the packaging are instagram-able!? They are just lovely, agree?


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