Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Peripera Cosmetics Airy Ink Velvet Review

Peripera Cosmetic Airy Ink Velvet
Bought for: P250 each
Bought from: a K-beauty shop

This was not a planned purchase as I was planning on saving up for my future--something a 21-year-old me never thinks of before (lol). However, it seems like sale comes to a close earlier than expected when Peripera Cosmetics Airy Ink Velvet Tints were included in a flash sale. From the usual retail price of P300 and up, one bottle dropped to only P250 for a 6-hour period. The inner makeup lover in me just got excited and eventually carted two tints to take advantage of the free shipping. There were tons of shades available but because I wasn't the only one who's carting, I was left with Sold Out Red and Pinkish Grapefruit. Not that it's a bad thing! Don't get me wrong, all shades are awesome though I was just planning to buy rosy or MLBB shades as I long got over of mainstream reddish tints. Though overall, I would say I love these both!

Lip lacquer which makes your lips a flower-like bloom with smooth and soft velvety touch. An airy, weightless texture but you can get bold color and moisture.


Who wouldn't agree if I say that the packaging is so damn cute? It comes in a decent, durable and translucent plastic bottle so you can have a fairly good look from the outside as to what shade you would like to sport. The doe foot applicator is shorter than the standard size but is enough to cover the lips with intense pigment. The manufacturing date is written at the bottom and based on the box, it is good to use 12 months after opening. I kind of shake that idea off because I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take me that long to consume one bottle because tell you what, I just got rid of all tints I had except for these!


Started out with only 5 available shades to choose from, I bet the unending love from consumers opened up opportunity to more shades. From the standard hues of reds and pinks, they now expanded to more seasonal MLBB and peachy tones that you can also mix with the former to create that perfect bold or muted tints that you would like to achieve. I wasn't successful in figuring out how many shades are out, but I'm pretty sure it's more than 15 now.

As I was saying earlier, I prefer to get the more MLBB shades like the Glimpse Brick Brown, Celeb Deep Rose or Dry Rose Brown because I'm currently in loved with nudes, muted pinks, peach and browns. However, I ended up getting #3 Sold Out Red and #11 Pinkish Grapefruit because others were quickly out of stock. Sold Out Red is a cool shade of red while Pinkish Grapefruit appears like a peachy pink shade.

Scent, Texture, and Ease of Application

I hate to add to the hype but I would lie if I don't say I love these! The quality and formula was everything Peripera claims. There's no need for good blending skills because it gives you a fairly decent time to blend it evenly on the lips without patchiness or unevenness of color. Unlike other tints, these has some texture to it, more like super thin kind of mousse that does not suck out moisture from the lips. Though it dries matte, it lives a soft, velvety finish that is so comfortable! Another thing that I find really great about these is that they don't sting bleeding skin! I have chappy lips that is so severe that I sometimes can't help peeling the excessive layers and as a result, would lead to minor bleeding or cuts. Those days I wouldn't prefer putting anything on but petroleum jellyies, because tints sting big time. That isn't the case with Peripera Cosmetics Airy Ink Velvet.

I think it's worth mentioning but I'm quite bothered that the scent of Sold Out Red reminds me of faint soapy fragrance and taste a bit like one too. I wonder if other shades would smell like that too. Good thing, the Pinkish Grapefruit does not! Maybe you can tell especially if you accidentally leak something soapy while you were taking a bath. That could be a good thing because it would prevent you from leaking off those colors!


A teeny bit is enough to give a boost of color on pale lips. It's true to its shade and just a single swipe will give you a decent pop of color. If you just want a fresh, natural look, a dot from the applicator is sufficient. If you want a bolder look, just dab some more.


The tint itself does not dry right there and then, giving you enough time to complete your look. This made me think that maybe the moisture makes the tint not adhere to the lips. I'm just too amazed that the stain stays even through too much drinking and eating (and licking!). 3 would be the maximum time I would dare reapply in a day.

Overall Thoughts

I'm pretty sure I've told you what my feelings for these are. Peripera Cosmetics Airy Ink Velvet should not cease to exist. If you are tired of too drying tints or viscous liquid lipsticks that seem to glue your upper and lower lips, these are a breath of fresh air! Totally weightless as if you are not wearing anything but a velvety moisture on your puckers. It applies evenly on the lips and won't accentuate dryness! What's not to love, I mean, when it's just less than 300 bucks!

Here's me about to brush my teeth, wearing Pinkish Grapefruit 6 hours after initial application with frequent drinking and not to mention, just eaten!


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