Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Treated My Skin To A Masking Session With Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask in Green Tea

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask in Green Tea
From: a K-beauty online shop

Lately, I have been so stressed out mainly due to work environment and though I'm trying to compensate by getting at least about 7-8 hours of sleep a day, it seemed like the stress took its toll on my skin. Because yesterday was the first day of my long weekday off, I decided to treat myself to a budget-friendly foot and face mask sessions at home. I don't have a lot of sheet masks to choose from so I couldn't afford to be picky. I settled for Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask in Green Tea which I got as a freebie from a previous purchase.

I'm pretty sure you all know the drill when it comes to masks like this so I won't go further into details. Surprisingly, this is one of the best K-beauty sheet masks I have ever tried. I'm quite skeptical with sheet masks because most of them leaves a heavy, sticky remains which is a no-no for me. Oily products just sound too unattractive. I have also tried a few sheet masks before  and they are not just sticky but they are dangerous too! Worst case that's ever happened was me breaking out the next day!

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask in Green Tea has a faint scent to it and the essence is clear white and watery. Having it on my skin felt so refreshing and hassle-free since it somehow fits the size of my face. The sheet mask is thin and cottony but isn't thin enough to be torn easily with pressure. I applied the remaining essence on my body, particularly arms, hands, elbows, knees and feet and its very hydrating without the sticky feeling. It gets absorb by the skin easily. After 20 minutes, I remove the mask sheet and pat the remaining product on my skin. I usually rinse off mask sheets to avoid the greasy look but not this time. My skin did not resemble a face looking like a grease ball and the moisture was just perfect like a sleeping mask.

I noticed how smooth and soft my skin became especially upon waking up the next day. Although I woke up with super oily skin, my skin stays well-moisturized and supple even after washing my face. Overall, I like Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask and am planning to buy more variants soon!


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