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Vedette Clay Facial Mask in Cedrus Review

Vedette Clay Facial Mask in Cedrus
Bought for: P65/15ml
Bought from: Beautymnl

I have always loved Vedette Facial Masks that whenever I spot them during a quick online shopping at Beautymnl, I make sure to snag some masks from the brand. I wouldn't mind hoarding because I opt for free shipping and Vedette masks aren't so accessible. I'm not sure if Watsons sells them, but I rarely see these (or totally not) whenever I'm in the mall. If you happen to know retailers of Vedette masks, let me know!

The whole idea of clay masks always really had me sold because I think they are just safe and natural. I just had some issues with them before because clays in powdered form usually cause me breakouts when left longer than necessary. Also, I find them too drying. As much as I would like to time soaking my face into clay masks, the whole idea may just sound preposterous because come on, they are masks that should be left for a definite time, otherwise what are they called? Sometimes, I think that the mere contact of my skin and clay itself can already cause abrupt negative reaction. Or maybe the tiny particles just really clog my over-sized pores. I'm not really sure, but either way, I opt for cream based clay masks like this because they seem to tighten my pores, smoothen it and clarify the skin tone.

Claims (as per Beautymnl)
It is a detoxifying clay mask for smoother, more radiant skin. It provides a boost of oxygen to the skin; restores lost vitality and clarity; brightens and nourishes; stimulates blood circulation as it fights wrinkles; cleanses and purifies to prevent blackheads; absorbs excess oil to minimize the look of pores; formulated with kaolin clay and mineral salts for a fresher complexion. It is perfect for combination to oily skin.
Available Variants

- Vedette Cocoa Clay Facial Mask
- Vedette Cedrus Clay Facial Mask
- Vedette Olive Clay Facial Mask
- Vedette Quercus Clay Facial Mask
- Vedette Aloe & Bengkoang Clay Facial Mask

Texture, Consistency and Ease of Application

The product has a pale peach color and is thick and creamy. It blends easily once applied and a little goes a really long way. One sachet is good for two uses, could be three actually depends on how thick you want your mask to be. The mask dries completely in about 10-15 minutes and a bit hard to rinse off due to the thick consistency. 


It has a citrusy scent, something so refreshing and unlike other clay masks, this does not have any weird smell.


What I love about this clay mask is that it smoothen the skin and gets rid of any rough spots. It feels cool and refreshing on the skin too. It won't give a dry or taut feeling as if it sucked out all moisture on your skin. It seems to tighten the skin and make it firmer while also providing a boost of moisture and nourishment. Your skin will look brighter and healthier afterwards. It also detoxifies the skin and remove excess grime and oil.

However, there's just one thing I noticed the next day I wake up. There were new tiny bumps all over my face. I am not really sure if this product causes the sudden breakout or maybe my hormones were to blame. After all, I'm on my third day (period).

Overall Thoughts

I would still repurchase other clay variants from Vedette because I really like how it seems to clarify and hydrates the skin immediately considering I just used it for two times (just two days in between).  I just don't think that results of having reduced wrinkles and blackheads could show up after a few sessions. That might really take a long time. Nonetheless, these are a good value for money and would be a good substitute for cream based masks if you are on a tight budget!


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