Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Blemish Cream That Did Not Work For Me: Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream

Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream, 30 ml
Bought for: P650
Bought from: an online shop

I learned about CosRx because of all the rave reviews and comments on how life-changing their products are. I've honestly liked a few from their massive skin care line like like the but this one isn't just for me. I know I gave it a fair try because the moment I saw something's going wrong, I still used it religiously. There was a point when I felt I gotta stop because my skin looked awful and eventually gave it another try after a couple of weeks right after my skin calmed down. To my dismay, my skin got worse  again. I used it in conjunction with a few skincare stuff I trust (Laneige Special Care Water Sleeping Mask and Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser) so I am pretty accurate if I say where I've gone wrong. It was at that point when I knew that I'm gonna have to get rid of this.


Just like most Cosrx products, packaging is very minimalist but you get all the information you will ever need like the directions, ingredients, caution, claims and expiry dates. I'm sure that being in a tiny jar type of packaging, it could scare away OC people. I appreciate that it comes with a tiny spatula though so I can avoid using my fingers for application. However, since you need to open the entire tub whenever you use it, the wide brim could still serve as a pathway for bacteria making the spatula useless after all.

The ingredient list is very promising. It has a lot of natural ingredients that are known to battle acne and blemishes. The product could even soothe and calm the skin with the gentlest ingredients you can even think of. I wasn't expecting a lot from it though because it has Tea Tree Oil which my skin didn't like at all. When use in slightly large dosages, instead of calming my skin, it would even cause flare ups. As you can tell, Tea Tree is just a tiny percentage given its almost at the bottom part of the list but using it in conjunction with other Cosrx products infused with Tea Tree as well might be the reason why it fails to do what it's supposed to my skin.

Texture, Consistency and Ease of Application

The cream has sort of like a whipped texture, bouncy and creamy to the touch. I like that its very lightweight and gets absorb by the skin easily. A tiny jar with 30ml of product inside might be impractical for a 600-peso product (or more) but once you get to try it, you'll figure out its worth it. A little of the cream goes a long way. It's even advised to be used as a spot treatment so you don't have to apply it all over your face. I have tried this product for more than a month and I barely made the cream down to three-fourth of the tub.

The creams feels luxurious. If there's such a thing like you're feeling the luxury you paid for a cream, you get that sensation while applying it. It felt so soft and hydrating and the skin will absorb the cream very easily without any greasiness. It just felt so comfortable given that I have oily skin.

This product has a faint scent to it. I can't really describe thoroughly but it has that trademark scent of most Cosrx products, Tea Tree, but it reminds me more of a soda-ish scent.

Now for the verdict, I don't think I'll ever repurchase this cream ever again. It basically claims to be a highly concentrated spot cream that helps lighten post-blemish marks, treating sensitive stressed-out skin. For one thing, it didn't drastically made an improvement on the appearance of my existing and new blemishes. They are still as obvious as ever, probably because I haven't given this cream enough time to lighten them. I could have, believe me. What made me decide to stop was the fact that it causes surface bumps and whiteheads to appear in cluster wherever I apply this treatment. They weren't pus-filled or bigger than usual but breakouts will always be breakouts. Instead of waiting for my blemishes to lighten and eventually become out of sight, don't you think it's crazy to tolerate this cream to create more future blemishes? I wouldn't wait for that to happen.

Just to be fair, a lot of beauty enthusiasts are raving about this product. All of the products I have tried from Cosrx are surely gentle. They don't sting or dry out my skin which is great. I just don't like that most of them has Tea Tree because ever since, most Tea Tree-infused products worsen my skin. I can only count in one hand how many of those with Tea Tree works for me. I haven't found a single product with this particular ingredient that does its job in eliminating breakouts and blemishes completely right up to this date. Maybe Tea Tree is just too strong of an oil for my skin.

Have you tried this Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream? Any thoughts? Did you make it work? Share your thoughts down below!


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