Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Changing My Blender To The Original Beauty Blender Pro and Pure

The Original Beauty Blender
Bought for: P769 | SRP: $20
Bought from: an online shop

I just noticed my feed is full of makeup tools and applications--from brushes to sponge--and for the hundredth time, let me tell you I couldn't stop myself going crazy about them. A few months ago, I purchase two Beauty Blenders in Pro (Black) and Pure (White) and though I am only using them a few times, I couldn't help admiring how they blend foundation so easily.

BeautyBlenders are here since long but I just decided to purchase mine the start of 2018 and am currently using them alternately with my buffing brushes. $20 is just too pricey for a single egg-shaped makeup sponge so I really wasn't so into it when it started dominating the social media. Until, of course, I discovered Shopee where I can get authentic stuff for a discounted price.

I'm going to cut to the chase but the reason why I chose to switch to Beauty Blenders is because they are just innovative. These are latex-free so you don't get the hard, rubbery texture other sponges has. Beauty Blenders are just so fluffy and soft and does not seem to punch you on the face other sponges would. It will become even softer and bigger (at least double its size) when you damp it with water because it "...features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water when wet." The idea behind it was just clever. BeautyBlender claims that when its filled, ideally, there's not enough room for foundation so almost everything else will get to the skin rather than to the pores of the sponge.

Here's my take on this. Beauty Blenders are made of soft materials than even when filled with water, it still absorbs makeup a great deal. This isn't a big deal for me though because it really takes me a lot of time to consume my foundations especially now I have a few to choose and use on a daily basis. If you are just using a single foundation, either you pay for $20 dollars for a flawless, streak-free and air-brush finish or choose to save a few bucks and avoid constant buying of foundations. You choose. Well, I guess I'd rather pay for convenience and quality. ;)

Beauty Blenders now come in lots of colors and sizes--each has its own purposes. For example, this one in Pro (Black) is intended for darker pigments which is very practical to use than light-colored sponges for stains are hard to remove. I got another one in Pure (White) and that is intended for skincare purposes, say for primers or moisturizers. Make sense because I rather not use the Pure one for foundation if I couldn't spend time washing it spot-free.

Overall, BeautyBlenders are just good investments. It will blend your makeup like a dream. I had mine for about, what, a half a year and it's still in a good shape--no tears or foul smell. I know it's hygienic to replace sponges every three months but I couldn't just get rid of it yet. I just make sure to clean it thoroughly and soak it in hot water for a few seconds before letting it air-dry to prevent bacteria buildup. I would definitely buy the original one in hot pink and nude to add up to my collection!


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