Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Current Favorite Brush: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Bought for: P400 | SRP: $9 (P529.77 online)
From: an online shop

Our #1 best-selling brush. Our expert face brush is ultra firm and broad for perfectly buffed foundation and an airbrushed finish. The buff you need to experience. Ideal for cream and liquid foundations.

I find myself splurging for makeup brushes nowadays and I just can't help falling in love with them. My favorites from Sigma Beauty and Zoeva are really awesome yet sometimes I find them too intimidating to use and I'm afraid I'd break them anytime soon before I take full advantage of their features. It's really nice to know there's this Real Techniques  brushes whose price and quality are just  practically unbeatable. My favorite among every single Real Techniques brushes is this Expert Face Brush which I use almost every day. I don't have to tell you how awesome this brush is for sure because a lot of bloggers and vloggers rave about it even way, way back. I hesitated sharing my thoughts about it because...what else could it be for, right? But since this is a really useful brush for me, I think it deserves a spot!


When I bought this, it comes in a plastic box with necessary information about the product. The overall design of the brush, like any other RT brushes, is seriously unique and ergonomic. Just who ever think of designing brushes (other than Sam and Nic)  with a sleek, curve ferrule and a flat bottom so it could stand on its own? The bold bright colors are perfect addition to my boring chrome-colored brushes too. One thing I find off about it though is the rubber handle at the bottom. Dust and dirt easily adheres to it so proper storage is a must. Also, the labels can be easily rub off.

Talking about the bristles, the white and black strands are so dense and soft. The bristles are just as smooth as high-end ones and there are no foul odors. I couldn't remember any time my skin got pricked by this brush. Touching it would give you the impression that it's indeed made of high quality materials and are carefully packed together to avoid too much shedding. In fact, it only shed one strand the first time I wash it clean. Also, it keeps it shape no matter how many times you use and wash it.

The brush is so dense that it blends any type of foundation like a dream. The size and density of the bristles are enough to blend makeup flawlessly and easily. It requires very minimal effort and skills in blending and it produces zero streaks on me! It does soak up a bit more foundation than the usual but it's easy to clean nevertheless. Given the quality and performance of this brush, I couldn't replace it with anything else. Sure, Zoeva and Sigma brushes have really good blending and buffing brushes but nothing would ever replace Expert Face Brush for me.

Other than blending my foundation, I also use this brush to cream contour or apply cream blush and it does the job fairly well. If you are looking for an affordable, high-quality buffing brush, look no further.


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