Tuesday, June 12, 2018

E.L.F. Cosmetics Hydrating Gel Mist Review

Elf Cosmetics Hydrating Gel Mist
Bought for: Sale at $3.20 | SRP: $8
Bought from: Elf Cosmetics

I know that mists exists like way before I started collecting makeups and skin care but I just recently made myself used to it. I have been using and loving balmy or silicon-y primers but never dare incorporate mists on my everyday makeup. Late bloomer as I always am, I did think it was a futile, unnecessary step until I crave for something that would seal in all my skincare before applying the usual base. On most days I'm too lazy to apply my (self-curated) skincare, I resort to few mists I have because they act like a toner, moisturizer and makeup primer in one. That's just how lazy I can become. And just recently, I have been loving this Elf Cosmetics Hydrating Gel Mist I got from my previous Elf Cosmetics Haul for a bucketload of reasons.


Elf is known as one of the best drugstore brands producing award-winning makeups in high quality packaging, you won't ever think it's priced as what it is. This jelly spritz comes in a transparent hard plastic bottle, clear enough for you to get a glimpse of what's inside. Seriously, the bottle looks so glam that you wouldn't think it's only $3.20 or less than P200 when converted to PHP. More information is printed on the box such as the ingredients lists also claiming that it's free from parabens, sulfates and pthalates known as harmful fillers.

Texture, Scent and Ease of Application

The gel mist is slightly tinted blue green (reminds me of sea water) and probably because of the color, it appears more refreshing and my skin seems to crave that especially we're in a tropical country. The refreshing sweet scent is adorable too. The spritz dispenses product well though not really in fine mists unlike what I have expected. The drops it produces are visible enough to make me see that the jelly inside does not really turn to liquid when dispensed. Although it looks like it was crushed jellies from the inside, it doesn't feel solid when it gets contact with the skin. Instead it melts easily like how it's supposed to be. It'st just lightweight and non-sticky and does not clog my pores.

The mist dries in a semi-matte finish, leaving the oily skin sufficiently hydrated. Though those with dry, flaky skin may opt to apply more than the usual to reach the desired moisture level.


Mists are very versatile that you can use it to moisturize and prime your skin. Since this product does not really dispense in fine mists, I use it as an added moisturizer and primer underneath base makeup.  I like the fact that it somehow lessen the dewiness of my skincare and somehow acts like a barrier so my skincare and makeup does not interfere with each other. I don't use it as a setting spray post-foundation and powder because the huge drops tends to trap and move makeup instead of sealing them in.

This is a really nice mist from Elf that you can use even on bare skin to prep, refresh and nourish it. My greatest use for this is the fact that it cuts my skin care routine from prolly 6 down to 3. Convenience, it is. In terms of lengthening makeup, don't compare it to your realible primers because it won't perform as nicely. My skin oils up as easily as it usually gets and even most of my makeup wears off in about 6 hours without a primer.

This is a really nice hydrating mist that can be used on a daily basis considering its price point and the amount that you'll get. I'll surely try other mists from Elf and hope they are at par or even better than this!


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