Friday, June 15, 2018

Everyday Love Nude Lips Collection Review and Swatches

Everyday Love Nude Lips in #6 and #7
Price: P199 each
From: Everyday Love PH

I love local beauty brands because they remind me of how I started blogging and keep on doing what I am doing today. The very first brands whom I worked with were local brands and I owe them a lot for trusting me their products. It also amazes me how the beauty world seems to dominate social media and local brands that produces world-class products are rapidly growing. I also dream of having my own brand someday and while that still remains in construction, I will just keep on believing in the talent and tastes of Filipinas.

Today, what I will be reviewing are these nude liquid lipsticks Everyday Love PH sent me. I just love what the brand is all about--they are very particular with what they are selling and you wouldn't get confused because they are all about nudes. Their Nude Lips Collection has all the shades of nudes you can ever think of. If you love muted, MLBB shades, which I do, you'll definitely find your heaven in Everyday Love!

The Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick has a rich formula packed with waxes and oils, giving you a creamy, matte finish. It provides high pigment with an easy air-like sensation during application without drying or flaking - comfortable for an all day wear. Cruelty-free. Lead-Free. Paraben-free. Waterproof. Smudge-proof.


The Nude Lips Collection comes in 7 shades. Currently Everyday Love produces shades that are bolder with more touches of pinks and reds but are still muted. Indeed, very trendy and sophisticated.

I was sent two shades to review: No. 6 Nude Lips (a pinkish mauve) and No.7 Nude Lips (a muted rose color). I hardly can distinguish the difference in color when I don't focus or try to place them side by side because they are almost identical in every way. No.6 Nude Lips is slightly darker and warmer when swatched and is more like brownish nude. This is my idea of an awesome MLBB nude shade that won't wash out your makeup. I like that it's muted but still has a pop of color. No. 7 Nude Lips remind me of hot milk chocolate drinks which I enjoy every freakin morning more than I do with caffeine. It also looks like my favorite melted chocolate ice candies. Reminiscing about childhood days--oh how lovely! No. 7 Nude Lips is something that would look better for those who have fair skin tone.


I haven't used a lot of liquid lipsticks from the past but I always see them in pictures. The packaging didn't give me the first impression that these are waaaaaaaaaaay so affordable. I mean I like that clear and sturdy transparent tube and the fonts that Everyday Love used. It also comes with a small doe-foot applicator which I didn't have problems on. The only issue I have was that the inner protection isn't tight enough that products could leak out up to the brim even when left unused. I don't mean to say it in general 'cause maybe I just got a bad one.

Texture, Scent and Ease of Application

These has  a soft, creamy and slightly thinner consistency that most liquid lipsticks I have tried.  It blends easily on my lips, give a decent pop of color in single swipe with the use of the applicator. It would also leave a yummy chocolate-y scent which eventually fades after some time. These lippies takes some time to fully get absorbed and smearing some lip balms under won't help either. It might be a good thing for some who have the luxury of time because you are allowed to blend it even better. You can put additional layers on top of it without having to worry that it may look to patchy. After a few minutes, everything would set and look completely matte. I have to be honest that even when dried, my lips tend to feel tacky the slightest bit (lips stick together). Nevertheless, they are so comfortable to wear. There's irony because it looks matte but does not feel matte. This may be a good selling point though because these aren't as drying as I expect it would be like most liquid lipsticks.


It's definitely kiss-proof though I didn't test it that way. You wish! Had to settle for whatever resources I could get like the back of my hands lol. I did try smooching my lips over a smooth paper and tissue and it does smear the tiniest bit. When I tried running some water on my swatches, they didn't move at all. It did though when I rub the color off. If you are eating heavy meals, that would take the life of these lippies out of your lips but some quick sips of water won't. I don't make a big fuss out of it because after all, I would not want to murder my lips with a lot of makeup removers.

On the picture above, I didn't use any soap or cleansing oil at all--just pure tap water. Without any heavy meals, the shades could last for about 5 hours max considering you don't lick your lips often. Don't do that either because your saliva could suck out the moisture out of your puckers!

For a local product that's only P199 (currently sale at P150 a piece), these are good investments to complete your nude collections. What's even better is that these are cruelty-free, lead-free, paraben-free and is proud to be locally-made! Have you got to take a look at the ingredients list? Quite a few to judge! We all know that there's a lot of brands offering different products to us (there's even dupe to add to your options) and sometimes what makes them stand out is what their products are really made of. Being an advocate for safe makeup, I think Everyday Love is a brand to watch out for.


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