Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Eyebrow Threading at Lay Bare (SM Valenzuela Branch)

Eyebrow Threading (P110)

Yesterday, I went to Lay Bare (SM Valenzuela Branch) to treat myself to an eyebrow threading. I've been doing self-plucking and shaving for over a year now but still haven't managed getting my brows 'professionally' done. Since I'm taking 2 days off work, I did a quick visit to the mall to kill time while waiting for 1:00 PM. I had an appointment for parcel pickup at the post office is why.

I have been to a few waxing salons before but this is the first time I ever set foot at Lay Bare. Though I always see them almost in every mall I've been, it's either I'm not in need of their service or I don't have the luxury of time to treat myself. And just because yesterday I did, might as well give it a go!

The color of the salon really look inviting with the different shades of green theme and chic decors. There were a few cubicles on the left side and some plushy couches to seat and relax while waiting for your turn. Not as extravagant as other salons but still chic-looking on its own.

So I was at the clinic at about 11:50 AM (10 minutes earlier than my target time) and had my session about 20-30 minutes after. I was asked to fill out some necessary information and was asked to wait. Yes, I had to wait because they were still assisting a customer. There were about 4 of them inside but it seems like only 1 out of the 4 employees are working. I am not very smart about their shifts but I couldn't help thinking what others were doing. Two of the employees were just at the reception area and are chit-chatting.

For busy season, I suggest that you call and secure a slot at Lay Bare or schedule an appointment online before dropping by because if you are unlucky, you might have to wait longer (and way longer) than I did. Though I waited for about 30 minutes for my turn, I'm still very fortunate that there weren't so many customers that day.

The esthetician who assisted me asked me if I am having my period. Good thing my period just passed 'cause I didn't think of it before dropping by. Basically, the whole process lasted for just about 10 minutes at max. First, she patted some petroleum jelly on my brows probably to make it stay in place and then did the threading. She plucked the remaining tiny hairs that threading failed to remove and then applied some soothing cream after. She then instructed me not to wash the area for 24 hours and stay makeup-free for three days. The lady who did my brows was absolutely nice and skilled and even put some effort to talk about facials with me. 

The result was pretty good for its price. My brows looked more defined. The process was overall swift and neat though I had some points that I'm about to raise. I was afraid that threading might pluck out most of my hair and I would end up having thin brows. It didn't happen, as you can tell. Based on Lay Bare's website,
Lay Bare uses organic thread, which is made of 100% cotton. It has anti-bacterial properties which protects your skin from allergy or infection. You may choose between shaping your brows and/or cleaning.
So, there were two options. I initially thought threading is all about shaping and cleaning at the same time. The lady didn't inform or asked me anything about it. Clearly, what she did was the latter which isn't a bad thing at all. It's just that I would have preferred shaping my brows and give it a better arch. My brows still look like it but is so much tidier. But then again, I would like it better if it's got a more defined arch like how Browhaus does. For the price difference, I wouldn't complain though.

Another thing I noticed was that the lady did not trim my brows. Photo above shows it already trimmed by me. My brows are, though a bit sparse, composed of thick, long and unruly hair strands so I would prefer it trimmed shorter. I wanted to tell the lady but since I'm not someone who always have the guts to point out mistakes, I just kept silent. But I guess I'll have to say it to at least hype up customer satisfaction, right?

That's just basically it though. Overall, I am pretty sure I'll go visit  Lay Bare all over again for their affordable services. I'm actually thinking of availing their face waxing. What do you think? I'm just a bit hesitant because I couldn't imagine how painful that would be. For eyebrow threading first timers, it's not as painful as you think. It might come out as a bit of a shock but it's tolerable and you'll get immune to it!

Have you done threading with Lay Bare? Anything to share? Would love to have a chat down below! Happy blogging!


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