Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 2018 Makeup Brush Collection

This post does not intend to brag, but rather to share with you guys my growing brush collection and how inspired I am to put makeup on every now and then with their help! If you have been following me for quite a while, you should know how obsessed I have become with makeup brushes. I just started collecting this year and I've had quite a few pieces from trusted brands. These may not be as much as what other bloggers/vloggers own, but I'm already happy with what I've collected so far! All of these are self-bought and it's something I'm quite proud of. I've probably had disciplined myself well enough to save and work hard for what I want.

This is something I would want to impart to everyone. I guess blogging is not about getting free stuff from brands--well, at least not what it's all about, inspiring through writing is and giving your most reliable opinions without sugar-coating anything. Which is why most of the items I blog, probably 90% of it sprouted from my hard-earned money. Don't get me wrong, I love the generous brands who chose to collaborate with me and I'm forever grateful. I love getting free stuff because that means...more to write and talk about! You see, there's more to it and that is being a part of someone else's family. I don't know where my thoughts are heading to so without further ado, here are my June 2018 Brush Collection!

Real Techniques

I had a few brush sets I bought like the Core Collection, Travel Essentials and Eyes Starter Kit mainly to add color to my collection. But I eventually I learned to love them because each piece are made of high quality materials and are non-shedding. My favorites are the powder, buffing, multipurpose and deluxe crease brushes. For singles, I love the expert face brush and the miracle complexion sponge!

Zoeva Brushes

I love almost all Zoeva brushes I've got. Well, to be honest, I only keep the ones I really like so all the brushes I got here really work for me and make the job well-done. So if I don't keep something, it means that they are probably, you know, meh. My favorite from this set though are the buffer, luxe sheer cheek, concealer buffer, brow line, luxe petit crease and eye blenders.

Sigma Brushes

In terms of quality, Sigma and Zoeva are almost the same. Their brushes aren't flimsy and even the handles are sleek and sturdy. Each possesses weight to it. Just like Zoeva, Sigma Beauty brushes are really amazing. The powder brushes and blending brushes are top-notch! All of them are soft and dense and you know that they are just high-quality.

Coastal Scents

I have a lot of single brushes from Coastal Scents before but I sold the face brushes away because I didn't like them very much. I only left the buffing brush (the biggest) because I like how it blends liquid foundation. I find CS bristles soft though could be pricky and isn't as soft and dense as my other brushes. I mostly left the blending and liner brushes with me because...well, the more blending brushes, the better!

Here's a single brush from MAC and a Melosion Mushroom brush both great for blending liquid foundations! The mushroom brush is so cheap (retails less than P100) but of great quality--super soft and dense!

Hope you enjoy and like my small brush collection! I am thinking of writing thorough reviews about each brand on the upcoming days so if you would want that, let me know! I am planning to add some more from IT Cosmetics, Spectrum, Natasha Denona, Luxie Beauty and Marc Jacobs. Gotta save up more! Care to share your collection too? Would love to talk about anything beauty down below!


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