Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sigma Beauty Need It Mystery Haul Volume 1: Worth It?

I really love shopping on Sigma Beauty because aside from all the perks of accumulating beauty points and VIP offers, they also ship to international countries like the Philippines. Their website is just so tempting that I shopped for the second time and got myself some Sigmax Kabuki Brush Sets and the Need It Sigma Mystery Haul to fill my cart and so I can take advantage of the free shipping option. I did not encounter any inconveniences after placing my first order so I'm quite confident shopping from the brand this time.

According to Sigma Beauty,
It’s a mystery, but here’s a hint: You’ll get a little bit of everything you love from Sigma Beauty - brushes, brush care and makeup.
I'm really excited to get my mystery haul because not just I get to try new products from the brand, it also entitles me to further discounts. Imagine, this haul costs $30 from the website which is not bad at all considering I got a total of 6 awesome full-sized and deluxe items inside. What's even nicer is that I got a coupon which entitled me to 15% discount on top of everything so I only got this around $25.5, even cheaper than the Color Pop Brush Kit I got inside!

Currently, Sigma Beauty sells 2 Mystery Hauls--Volume 1 and Volume 2. I picked the Volume 1 one mainly because I thought it would include a full-size SigMagic Brushampoo I fell in loved with upon first use. I thought I'd be disappointed but not when I saw everything that's included in the haul.

What The Haul Includes

  • Color Pop Brush Kit ($29 Value) - This is the highlight of this haul! At first I was disappointed that the haul didn't come with a brush shampoo but I was completely stunned upon seeing the magenta handles with sparkling labels! The brushes are as good as the full size and original versions in Chrome though the handles are a bit shorter which makes them good for travelling! Plus, they came in a chic travel tin for hygienic purposes!
  • Lip Eclipse - Sigma Pink ($17 Value) - I am not really into flashy bright lip products so I don't see myself wearing this quite often. Since the formula looks promising and the shade may fit someone else's skin tone better, I am thinking of giving this away as part of my celebrating getting 1 Million views for this blog.
  • Embellish Lash - Big Time ($19 Value) - I am a huge sucker for good quality and long-wearing mascara but since I haven't unveiled the adventurous and experimental makeup artist in me, I thought someone may take good care of it better than I can. The purple lashes may sound really tempting and fun to play with but I'm good with bold and thick black lashes as of the moment.
  • Deluxe Sample - Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat (Full Size at $32) - This is also the reason why I got this set! I enjoy collecting and washing my brushes that from 3-4 pieces, it's now grown to about 100. That makes cleaning time more of a hard work since I'm now washing about 20-30 brushes every time and I think a little help from Sigma won't hurt.

I really can't help admiring my new super sleek and chic brushes! I am in love with almost all the products I got and I hope Sigma could come up with more. Sigma, if you are hearing me, if you bring back the $50 Mystery Haul, take my money right here, it's yours! If you want to try out something from Sigma but aren't sure what to get yet, better snag one of the mystery hauls. I hope you'll not get a heart attack! ;)

Have you taken advantage of one of Sigma Beauty Mystery Hauls? I would love to know what you've got yourself!

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