Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Althea Korea Turns 3: Officially An Althea Angel + New Products To Try

I am a low-key blogger and my love for skincare and makeup is inborn. I am always thankful for all the brands who trusted me and mostly to the brands whose trust are unbreakable. Althea Korea is one of the oldest and the best K-Beauty shopping site I always turn to when finding new K-beauty products to try. I don't know what they found in me but for three years, they've got my back. This year, I am so blessed and grateful to be one of the official brand ambassadors of this K-beauty community who just turned 3 this July. Time flies so swiftly. I still remember how thrilled I was after they sent me my very first Althea box. The numbers of boxes and items I purchased afterwards were just countless. You can accused me that I am an avid buyer and I'll plead guilty.

More than being a beauty community and an e-commerce site, Althea's finally ventured into having their own skincare and makeup line I've always wanted to try. They reached me back then via e-mail about trying the Bare Essentials Set but I didn't received my box probably because of shipping issues. Now that Althea's turning 3, it's an honor to be one of the selected Angels to get the first dibs on the newest products of the brand--the Real Fresh Skin Detoxifiers in Rose and Green Tea variants. These are daily 10-seconds mask and don't you love how innovative the idea is? No more wasting 10-20 minutes of your life because in just about 10-seconds, your skin will experience the nature's premium ingredients for a healthier skin. Basically, the Rose variant (refining) is intended for morning use and the Green Tea variant (purifying) for night time. You'll get enough of these in my upcoming review. I'm still putting these duo to a test and so far, so good!

Aside from the skincare products, my Welcome Gift also include the cutest stuff ever like a mirror, canvas bag and a pink PVC makeup bag. Althea's making sure that their PR boxes are Instagram-worthy! The fun of being an official Althea Angel does not stop right there. We were given credits to shop from the site and I just carted a few stuff I'm interested in trying out. Just imagine the struggle in choosing which products to get! I exceeded the given credits and am more than willing to pay for what it's worth. After all, I've seen products I never knew existed before. I finally made up my mind and settled for these all know the will be seeing the individual reviews here in my blog real soon!

Which of these have you tried already? Let me know via the comment section down below! :)


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