Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Clean & Clear Oil Control Films Review (Scented and Unscented)

Clean & Clear Scented Oil Control FIlm 50s (P145)
Clean & Clear Unscented Oil Control FIlm 60s (P126)
Bought from: Johnson & Johnson

Clean & Clear Oil Control Films are way long existing but because I think they are unfairly over-priced compared to other competitors, I never got the chance to try them until later June 2018 when J&J was on sale. I am a sucker for good quality blotting sheets, in fact I have found a few good ones such as Leiania House of Beauty Tea Fresh Organic Green Tea Face Absorbent Paper and Pretty Secret Oil Blotting Papers which I constantly repurchase just because. After trying out Clean & Clear's, I now have a clearer idea why these are cult-faves.

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film instantly soaks up excess oil and removes shine from your face without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder. Softer than paper, these silky sheets can be used easily around your nose and other areas of the face. Leaves your skin oil-free and shine-free.


Comes in a standard packaging for oil blotting papers, one tiny detail makes it so unique. It has a double-sided tape attached to the cardboard so when you pull it open, a film would come out. This is very smart of Clean & Clear as it allows us to get a sheet without over-pulling another.

The texture of the product is something they did think of thoroughly. They are made of silky, silicon-y papers that do not tear easily and it has a velvety feel that does not rub on the skin and smudge makeup.

Both variants does the same job in taking out all shine and oil from my skin. The only difference is the color--scented being peach in color and unscented in a sky blue shade. The scented one has a citrusy scent I really love but could be a bit overwhelming to those who prefer fragrance-free products. Both films turn to a transparent color once soaked with oils. I like that the oils do not transfer to my hands--the thing with other cheap, substandard blotting papers.

These products are worth splurging for. I know high-end brands also sell blotting papers and it made me realize how cheap these products are compared to those. You can't beat it for its quality and now I can say I would repurchase no matter what. I might hoard once they got on sale too! Let me know what are your suggested blotting papers down below!


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