Tuesday, July 24, 2018

DermAid Acne Oil Control Facial Cleanser Review

DermAid Acne Oil Control Facial Cleanser
Bought for: P159/75ml
Bought from: SM Store

I was doing my usual online shopping at one of my favorite e-commerce site when I spotted this drugstore product I laid my eyes on for the first time. I noticed that it has Sulfur on it and since I rarely get any adverse reaction from using such ingredient, I decided to take a plunge head first without consulting the internet. What's the use of being a blogger after all. Since I was breaking out badly too, I guarantee that this will be a good time to put something to a test run.

DermAide Acne Oil-Control Facial Cleanser is an oil control facial cleanser that gently washes away dirt, oil and bacteria to help lessen acne breakouts. It is formulated with sulfur and rosemary leaf extract that help dry acne without irritating your skin.


The packaging looks very simple yet clinical that there's no wonder why I was hooked. It looks like it's something you have to trust. I also appreciate that it does not lack all the necessary information I always look for: claims and benefits, ingredient lists, caution, directions for use, expiry and manufacturing dates. That said, one bottle is good for 2 years which is pretty much a long shelf life for a drugstore product. I don't think it would even take a month to empty one bottle though because there's only 75ml of product to consume. I wouldn't mind because it's affordable and the slim size of the bottle is perfect for travel use. I also think that it is very convenient and hygienic to use because all you need to do is tap the labeled button slightly to open and press the other side to seal it back in place.

Texture, Scent and Ease of Application

As you can tell from the photo down below, the product has a runny consistency, I can barely take a picture of the formula without it dripping off from my skin. The consistency is very similar to CETAPHIL OILY SKIN CLEANSER--clear and less foamy when lathered. I prefer these types of cleansers over foamy ones because there are properties of the latter that somehow dry my skin, clog my pores and cause me sudden breakouts. I know because most of the time, foam cleansers either just break me out or do completely nothing other than cleanse. This is what usually happens since time immemorial which is why I am more hopeful with glycerin-based cleansers like this.

This cleanser has Sulfur and such scent can be a little bothering for some. I've long endure it because almost all Sulfur-based products work for me. If I wasn't even a blogger and would stick to a particular skin care, I would pick something with Sulfur and Salicylic Acid on them. They sound pretty simple and cheap, but they are one of the bests out there. Going back to what I was saying, the sulfur scent isn't very distinct, after all, it's just fairly in the middle of the ingredient list. This isn't me saying that the overall scent of the product is good, it still reeks of chemicals but is so much more tolerable.


I like that the cleanser is very gentle on the skin, does not sting and lathers the tiniest bit when applied. It thoroughly cleanses the skin without over-drying it which is a plus. Considering it has Sulfur, I expected that it will be drying but I'm surprised that it somehow gives hydration to the skin once it rinses off. I have noticed that my oil lessened a bit whenever I wake up the first two times I used this product. My skin got used to it the following days that it seem to do nothing anymore in terms of controlling my sebaceous glands.

In all honesty, I do not find this cleanser to be so efficient and effective in drying out existing pimples but a week after I use it, I notice that I have been getting lesser and lesser bumps. The cleanser did not aggravate existing pimples I have and it seem to maintain the natural balance of my skin. True enough, this cleanser gets rid of all traces of makeup, oil and dirt revealing a plump and clearer-looking skin. I have nothing against this other than the fact that even after using it for weeks, I still haven't completely gotten rid of my whiteheads and tiny bumps all over my face caused mainly by stress.

Overall, I would say that this is still a good product to invest for. This is probably a maintenance cleanser I'd repurchase once my skin heals. For now, I'd just finish the 1/4 amount left in my stash and would switch back to a salicylic toner which helped me with my breakouts before. For those who have less textured skin and problems with their skin care, you might want to give DermAid Acne Oil Control Facial Cleanser a try! You can shop this online or visit department stores and drugstores nationwide.


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