Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Gel Liner That Lasts All Day: NYX Gel Liner and Smudger in Jet Black

NYX Gel Liner and Smudger
Bought for: P276 | SRP: P460
Bought from: an online shop

We all know that when we talk about affordable drugstore brands, NYX is one of the names to call out. When they went on sale last Lazada's birthday, gel liner was one in my to-buy list. I was thinking of repurchasing my favorite Loreal Gel Intenza 36H Eyeliner but there's a purpose in trying out a different know what I mean!

Our Gel Liner & Smudger delivers bold color that won’t quit. Whether you’re after a perfectly defined line or a smokey eye, these silky shades blend easily and don’t crease or fade. This pigmented formula is available in 5 shades.


The gel liner comes in a matte glass pot with a sleek black cap. Unfortunately, it does not have an accompanying liner brush unlike the one from Loreal. When buying gel liners, make sure you own a good liner brush. :) The product comes with a tiny box that despite its size, it's loaded with all necessary information you could ever ask for. When you twist the cap open, the product is still sealed with an inner plastic. In a tiny pot like this, you are still getting 3g of product which is way too generous for me who do not apply wing liners on a daily basis. If you can't live without it though, it's still a good amount to consume, after all, you only need a small amount to get a pigmented color.

Texture, Pigmentation and Ease of Application

I love using my Zoeva 317 Wing Liner with this product. I can tell that this will give me a matte finish which is also the case. It has a very smooth and creamy texture, blends easily on my lids without tugging or being patchy at all. One light swatch would already give me an intense black finish making me save both the product and effort.

I had this for like 2 months now, using it every now and then whenever I play with makeups because as of the moment, this is the only gel liner I own. I'm still surprised because the product's texture didn't change a bit. It didn't even dry the slightest--the thick frosted glass helps, I guess. If you are using gel liners, make sure to keep the lid tightly close to prevent air from passing through and drying up the formula.

Longevity and Performance

Hands down to created something that lasts through my super oily lids. I could wear this gel liner all day and it would still look matte and would stay put as if it's freshly applied. The rest of my makeup may smudge or oxidize, but it still stays. I wouldn't say this would be completely smudge-proof because it's also intended to be a smudger if you want to sport smokey eyes. If you rub your skin with this, it would definitely smudge everywhere which isn't a bad thing at all because the more blendable it is, the less patchy your smokey eyes would look. As long as you keep anything away from it though, it would really stay put.

I truly consider this a drugstore steal considering its price and function. For those who have drier/normal skin, this may last even longer. I just love this product too much and I'm sure to try other shades other than the classic black especially when I have become more adventurous with makeups!


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