Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Unboxing: Althea Korea Birthday Haul

Just imagine the bliss I felt when Althea Fairies gave me, along with all Althea Angels, some shopping credits to splurge in Althealand!

Althea Korea has been around and operating for Filipino K-beauty consumers since July 2015. I could still remember being one of the lucky bloggers chosen to shop and try our very own personal picks from the website. Since then, I have been shopping from Althea non-stop with my own hard-earned money and I couldn't even remember how many boxes I've got to date. What's even more interesting is that Althea has a vast selection of beauty products from different Korean homegrown brands and their prices are truly competitive. You won't doubt their authenticity too as everything will be shipped straight from Korea. How awesome, right? Now onto my haul!

NATURAL PACIFIC PHYTO NIACIN WHITENING ESSENCE (50ML), P580 - I always see this particular product in my feed and a lot of beauty enthusiasts are talking about it. It has mixed feedbacks  so I thought of including it in my haul. My skin's looking dull nowadays and a little bit of brightening won't hurt.

CALMIA OATMEAL THERAPY PEELING GEL (100ML), P240 - This is probably the cheapest Korean peeling gel I have encountered in my life, no joke! I have been loving peeling gels ever since I tried Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling Gel I also bought from Althea a couple of years back.

CLIO MICRO FINE OIL CONTROL FIX MIST (80ML), P494 - I find any oil control products enticing because of my super oily skin. I haven't got any fix mist in my stash right now so I think this will be a good product to start with. I also looked for it online but apart from Althea, seemed like only a few entrepreneurs sell this. 

RIRE SKINNY BLACKHEAD CLOSING SERUM (40ML), P240 - I was just surprised at how heavily discounted this product is in Althea. Because I haven't tried any Rire products before, though I'm eyeing their cult-fave toner, I thought of getting one for myself. It claims to seal the pores (my pores are tingling with excitement right now!) to prevent gunks from entering and blackheads from forming! Sounds promising!

SAINT PEAU RED GINSENG HORSE PUDDING SLEEPING PACK (100G), P390 - I haven't tried any products from Saint Peau before and because I was running out of my holy grail Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, I decided to pick something similar in benefits.

I am really excited to try all of these and then you can expect a review here soon! Which ones have you tried already and which ones would you like me to try first? Let me know your thoughts down below! Let's greet Althea a happy birthday one last time as it just turned 3!


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