Thursday, August 2, 2018

Always A Good Hair Day With Beauty Care Essentials Quera Pro Duo

Beauty Care Essentials Quera Pro Duo
Bought for: Free | SRP: P370 (Power Fix Serum), P330 (Smooth Complex Therapy)
From: Beauty Care Essentials

I'm not really the type who irons my hair or blows it dry or do any styling on a daily basis. I prefer to keep my mane as it is--trimmed and clean. I hate to complicate my daily routine so the simpler, the better. Just like everyone else, my hair couldn't be in great shape everyday and on most days without conditioners or treatments, it can't hide the fact that it's been uncared for and neglected. I am born with straight hair, luckily, but I still have to use something to maintain and keep it shiny, soft, smooth and definitely tangle-free.

Being a beauty blogger, I don't settle for anything for a really long time. I have to put everything in rotation and this is very evident with my hair care. I just use whatever's in my stash so I mostly end up with damaged and itchy scalp, worst case with dandruff and hair fall. These are the adverse reactions I usually get when using shampoos and conditioners that aren't hair-friendly. Because my hair's acting up, I decided to stick with a trusted shampoo brand for the meantime and it was right on time when I got my Quera Pro Duo gifted by Beauty Care Essentials.

Beauty Care Essentials is a Philippine homegrown brand and it's amazing to know how a local brand could keep up with the market's need and demand. So anything that underwent careful testing is something I would love to try for myself. And any brand which are composed of passionate and goal-driven individuals is something I admire.

Quera Pro Smooth Complex Therapy is a different kind of deep conditioning treatment that you can use daily in the shower. The smooth texture conditioning formula when applied to hair, instantly penetrates to hair shaft for long lasting smoothness.
Use this product more often to help restore the abused hair strands caused by harsh chemicals and heat damage. Enjoy the power of moisture to hair!

The products comes in typical opaque white sturdy bottles and dispenses product with ease. The last time I had a quick getaway, I made sure to decant some on a tiny empty bottle just so I couldn't skip a day.

I also like that it has a lot of information printed on the bottle such as the claims, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates and directions for use--it made me think of how transparent the brand is.

The product is opaque white in color and has a thick but lightweight consistency. It also smells so sweet and nice and the scent lingers almost all day. I like hair care products with thicker consistency because I feel like they really tame and moisturize the hair from within. 

This product claims to have three powerful ingredients that are effective in moisturizing the hair such as: (1) Hydrolyzed Wool Keratin Solution that fixes damaged hair and restore moisture, (2) Avocado Extract known for possessing a lot of Vitamins and nutrients for the hair and (3) D-Panthenol which is responsible in making the hair restore it's luster and shine.

I use this like how I do with regular conditioners. I apply it liberally onto my hair after shampooing, let it stay for about a minute or two before rinsing off.

I love how it relaxes each of my hair strands and keep my locks bouncy and manageable. What I love about this product is that it does not cause dandruff or itchy scalp which I usually get from trying out new products. Also, it keeps flyaways at bay, no need for blow-drying because my hair looks straighter with this.

Quera Pro Power Fix is a unique type of "weightless" premium serum in the market that is suitable for all kinds of hair type, may it be straight, curly or kinky! Everyone's a victim of dry hair!
This is not just an ordinary serum that helps remove your frizz but it restores your damaged hair follicle that you got from harsh chemicals for your lavishing monthly hair color and straightening treatments. The combination of moisturizing elements and the star of all... the Hydrolyzed Keratin coats the hair shaft and tames down the unwanted dryness and split-ends.
It's like a genie in a "small" bottle! A guaranteed salon-quick-fix hair!
The good news is you can re-apply this anytime of the day without the "eeky"-greasy and heavy feeling on hair. Have that looking sleek, shiny, sexy look all day 'til night!

The Quera Pro Power Fix comes in a travel-size bottle with a pump and a clear cap. I honestly am not a fan of this type of packaging because I tend to lose the cap at most times. Whenever I had this on my makeup purse, which is pretty much every day, the cap always splits up with the bottle. If you are more careful than me, that is probably only a minor issue.

Just like the Smooth Complex Therapy, I find it amazing that you can see all the important information you will ever need on the body of the bottle. It comes with a box too wherein you can find the same information.

The formula is clear white and runny in consistency and has a really lovely lingering scent. Using it with the conditioner would really make sure your hair stays and smells fresh all day long.

This product is true to its claim--it's definitely lightweight and does not make your hair look and feel greasy at all. I love how it makes my hair looks so smooth and shiny without the oiliness and discomfort. I am using it every after bath while my hair is still wet, about 2-3 pumps starting from the ends and up and I'm always surprised at how healthy my hair looks until the end of the day. Thanks to its numerous active ingredients like Hydrolyzed Wool Keratin Solution, Avocado Oil Extract, D-Panthenol, Olive Oil Extract and Jojoba Oil.

Using this duo for about two weeks now, I can tell how softer and healthier my hair has become. It's easier to style my hair now and though I frequently dye it, it just seemed to get back to its original shape. I am just contemplating on whether or not I could repurchase this duo because to be honest, I kind of think that the SRP for both is a bit too much as there are other drugstore hair care products I truly trust. If that is not an issue for you, by all means, go ahead and purchase this Quero Pro Duo and I guarantee you won't regret it.

If you are interested, you can order via Lazada, Shopee, and Giltbox or visit BCE on their Instagram account!


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