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New From Belo: Belo Essentials Papaya Brightening + Clearing Soap

Belo Essentials Papaya Brightening + Clearing Soap
Bought for: Free with points | SRP: 65g (P29.75), 135g (P64.75)
Bought from: Sample Room

Am I the only one who get excited whenever Belo releases a new product? Their whitening soaps are something I trust and up until now, I never fail to repurchase their Belo Intensive Whitening Bar with scrubs on it because I find it very multi-tasking. It's so efficient to use because I can do both cleansing and scrubbing with just one product. Now, here's another entry to the skincare line of Belo which I already tried after I made my purchase to SR.

Claims (as per Sample Room)
Harnessed from the power of nature, the new Belo Essentials Papaya not only brightens the skin, but also exfoliates with jojoba beads and helps the skin to be clear from pimples and other impurities with Beetox. Plus, it has an amazing and unique fruity scent that’s long-lasting and fresh. An herbal soap for the face and body. Expertly formulated. Dermatologist-tested. Use daily for best results.

This product has three main ingredients known to be responsible in making your skin look healthier and brighter. It has Natural Papaya Extract which has been a famous ingredient in local whitening soaps and has been scientifically proven to inhibit melanin production over time. It also has Purified Bee Venom which I've only encountered in Belo products and claims to battle pimples. This is safe to say that this soap is good enough for both face and body use. And lastly, it has Jojoba beads for mild physical exfoliation.


The overall green and orange motif imparts a summer vibe. Since we are living in a tropical country, soaps like this look even more enticing. The box displays all necessary information such as claims and benefits, ingredient list ad expiration date.

Scent and Texture

The soap has a mild, sweet scent that lingers. It comes in typical orange soaps that's textured because of the Jojoba beads to help slough off dead skin cells. I usually opt soaps being applied in soft towels but because this soap is textured, I prefer to apply it directly on the skin. It saves me the hassle of reaching out for a messy-to-apply salt scrub.


Now, for the moment of truth. If you are looking for whitening products that delivers in such a short notice, I won't recommend this product to you. I have to be honest and recommend Kojic Soaps instead. I have two that I trust aside from Belo's: Kojie San's and Uni Kojic's. I like Belo Essentials Papaya Brightening + Clearing Soap all the same though. It's very gentle on the skin despite the presence of scrubs and it does not feel too drying unlike most whitening soaps. I think it's because the product has low foaming agents. The soap lathers well though not as foamy as other whitening soaps, to be honest.

After finishing one soap, I didn't really notice any significant whitening but my skin look really radiant and clean every after use. I tried using it on my face and it helps a bit in drying out existing breakouts. I don't think this soap must take the full credit since I am also using Clindamycin Solution on my face. I'm glad that this soap does not sting and cause me further redness and pimples though. The blemishes I got from last month's breakouts seemed to lighten a bit, it's probably an effect because my skin seem to look brighter than usual.

I am really glad and grateful to Belo for coming out with such a good and affordable maintenance product. This is available at all drugstores, supermarkets and department stores nationwide if you are interested in trying out one. Let me know how's your experience, all right? Happy blogging and until next!


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