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Colourette Cosmetics Coloursnaps Dewy Multi-Stain Review

Colourette Cosmetics Coloursnaps in Milk, Woke and Kween
Bought for: P249/each
Bought from: Colourette Cosmetics

I have these babies for like 3 months now and I was contemplating whether or not I should make a review because I'm pretty sure there are already a lot. It took me time to get some for myself because they are always sold out the first few weeks after launch and even until now. I was just thinking of having a post for future reference and if ever I may need of comparison in the future, say they release a new formula, at least, I won't forget how they were to me. Sounds very sentimental, right? Lol.


It’s definitely summer forever with Colourette’s newest innovative collecxn –ColourSnaps. These versatile balms are the first local dewy multi-stains perfectly formulated for the Filipina skin and lifestyle. Infused with Shea Butter, Vitamin E and SPF 15 these compact cuties are sure to moisturize and protect your skin and lips while giving you that standout long-lasting glow on the go!

Available shades: Beachy, Chill, Glo Up, Kween, Lowkey, Milk, Turnt, Woke, 100, Punch, Friyay, Lucky, Golden


I am completely confused whether or not I like the packaging of these Coloursnaps. For one, it looks very unique and travel-friendly. Sometimes, I hate it because the cap tends to slide completely off from the jar when opened. I am very much likely to lose it had I not been careful. Also, I didn't like the fact that I need to dip my fingers or my brush several times whenever I use it.

I appreciate that it has necessary information printed on the packaging like the ingredient list, actives and manufacturing dates. Since Colourette's items sell out fast, I'm happy that I always get a new stock.


They all have similar scent which is of bubble gum. I like it, to be honest. As claimed, these are multi-stains that leaves a dewy finish on the skin for a fresh summer glow. Despite the dewiness, they feel so light on the skin, definitely non-sticky, and the natural humectants improve the blendability of the product and ease of application. The product is very smooth and gives a sheer pop of color, indeed very natural when blended on the skin. If you want a deeper pigmentation, say for lip use, these will disappoint.


The shade selection are really amazing. I think that all of them are really wearable, even those with orange undertones, especially when it's summer. For a little bit of lip color, these will do but they aren't that long-lasting, stays about 4 hours with minimal eating and drinking. These last less longer on my cheeks as I noticed them fading as early as 2-3 hours given that I have oily skin. I would suggest dousing some translucent powder only so you can preserve the color on your cheeks.

These don't appear true to color when applied especially on the lips. I guess it depends on the pigmentation or color of your puckers too. Some shades would be better off for cheek use, some for the lips. I like the Milk as a blusher, Kween as a lip cream and Woke can be for dual purposes.

These can be used as an eye shadow too. I just don't prefer them that way because I have such oily lids and these would fade very easily. Those with dry skin, by now, should rejoice because you've just met your best friend if you would like to sport a no-makeup makeup look.

I still think these are really great local buys given the fact that you are only paying P249 for a multi-purpose tint. I surely like these and am planning to buy the Beachy shade too once Colourette restock on Shopee. I am currently obsessing with Colourette Colourtints by this time and I will share my thoughts about them real soon!


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