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Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner Review

Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner
Bought for: P750/180ml
Bought from: an online shop

I am so sure that if you haven't tried this yet, it's already in your wishlist. This product from Dear Klairs has been so popular that almost every beauty enthusiast I know have already rounded up what's so great about this. Using this for over a month now (I even started from samples), I am still undecided whether or not this deserves all the praise. I hate to debunk the never-ending hype but let's settle down and I'll tell you all the things I know and experiences I had with this product. Help me weigh down the pros and cons! Let's start, shall we?


Balances the skin’s pH level and improves the effectiveness of your entire skincare regime, helping you to achieve your best skin. Enhance the effectiveness of serums and creams with the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner that balances your skin’s natural pH levels, creating the perfect canvas for your skin care products.

Contains some key ingredients such as Phyto-Oligo to help thoroughly moisturize the skin and resolve skin dryness, and wheat amino acids to help reduce inflammation in the skin.

With various plant extracts and soothing ingredients blended together, a calming, non-irritating, hydrating toner for all skin types even for the most sensitive.

Quickly absorbs and provides full moisture.The skin glows brighter with high moisture retention. The moisturizing toner rapidly absorbs into the skin while prolonging hydration by more than 20% than conventional toners with hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan.


It comes in dark-colored sturdy plastic bottle and a box that has loads of information about the product, sometimes, it's kinda overwhelming. :D It comes with a twist cap and  it's just very hygienic to use. The full-sized is kinda bulky but I can easily decant a few ml on an empty plastic bottle if I need to bring some for getaways. You can also buy the 30 ml travel size on some K-beauty shops but if you are doubting the authenticity or freshness, you can order through Althea Korea instead. Their items sell out fast so they restock every now and then.

Expiry and manufacturing dates are printed both on the box and on the bottom part of the bottle. The sticker that contains all information about the product is waterproof and does not easily tear or wear off.


It has a very faint scent, nothing too strong. I even examined the ingredient list and there isn't fragrance to it. Any scent probably comes from the natural ingredients it's made of.

This toner is clear in color, has a runny consistency and a bit of a slimy texture that fades away once the product gets fully absorbed by the skin. I bet that's what makes it very hydrating. It felt honestly a bit sticky at first and then eventually fades, leaving a soft and supple glow on the skin. If I am going to think about it, the texture actually helps in making everything I put on gets absorbed easily because of its adhering property. It also doesn't mess with everything I put on afterwards, even base makeups.

Because I have oily skin, I sometimes neglect heavy moisturizers and just settle with this toner. I would still feel that my skin is still hydrated all throughout the day.


I already tried this toner for a week when I was breaking out and I badly need something gentle for my skin. Back then, using it alone with a couple other gentle products, although as soothing as it is, it still won't help alleviate the damage. I was still breaking out and tiny white bumps started to appear. I immediately stopped and hesitated to give it another try even when my skin heals.

I hate to think I am wasting P750 so I decided to give this one another try when my skin cleared up which was just last month (July). Just like the first time, I don't think it does anything special other than the fact that its truly hydrating on the skin. With regular use, I feel like my skin became softer  and plumper and this product just goes well with the exfoliant products I am using it in conjunction with.

I guess what's really holding me back in saying this product is great is the fact that it does nothing special other than being hydrating. But now that I think about it, not every toner goes well with acids. I needed something that would calm and balance my skin and at the same time aid in better absorption of whatever I put on next. I am into acids right now because I wanted to get rid of my breakouts and scars from previous chicken pox infection and I don't think I'll ever want to use a toner that is as strong. I realize that I needed a 'break' in between products too.

It seems clear to me now that Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner should be a staple in my skin care. Given that it's very gentle on the skin, it really is suitable for all skin type. Those with dry skin might want to apply a bit more. Those who have oily skin like mine need not to worry.

I also think that this is a good value for money because you are paying for a product with 180ml of liquid that will last you about 2-3 months. Definitely perfect for those who are looking for a very basic toner that's hydrating!


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