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Keeping Acne Under Control With AcneCure Clindamycin Solution (Acne Antibiotic)

AcneCure Clindamycin Solution
Bought for: P250
Bought from: Dermcare

Acne and pimples are skin diseases I have been battling with since adolescence period. It comes with genes too as most of us in my father's side are experiencing acne breakouts during our adolescence. What I'm really thankful is that they rarely sprout in clusters and they don't grow as big. Because I was having the stressful time of my life the past few weeks and due to poor sleeping and eating habits too, I had accumulated a lot of fresh pimples all over my face, even to parts where I rarely get breakouts.

My mind go back years ago when my skin was healed right after trying out 3 skincare products from Bioessence. What the specialist prescribed really worked for my skin like magic and I thought of how the accompanying Clindamycin helped dried out my pimples within a month. During my second visit to Dermcare months ago, the specialist also recommended the same solution which is the Clindamycin I was forced to get. It might come handy one day and true enough, the sudden breakouts happened. It was different from previous episodes because all the infections seem to resurface non-stop. I even got pus-filled bumps I rarely get. What a perfect time to switch back to Clindamycin.


The first time I incorporated Clindamycin to my skin care, I was clueless and rather forced to use it because of the recommendation. It was only later after all my breakouts dried out when I realized that I didn't know anything about Clindamycin at all. I still need further research about it still, so here's what I found out so far. According to,
Clindamycin is an antibiotic useful for the treatment of infections. Clindamycin is a common topical treatment for acne. Topical application of Clindamycin phosphate can be used to treat mild or moderate inflammatory or mixed acne. It works by slowing or stopping the growth of bacteria that causes acne and also by reducing the swelling.

Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Clindamycin, Hydrochloride


Apply 1-2 times a day after cleaning and drying affected area. Make sure you only use thin coats.


Almost scentless and has a watery consistency. Also fast-drying.


I hate to gush about Clindamycin but they really do work for me like magic. They are even better than peeling solution in terms of improving skin's texture. They keep all my breakouts at bay, both preventing and drying them out in a week's time. Applying a very thin layer of it with a cotton pad everyday improves my skin texture very significantly. I remember using the solution way back 2016, and my skin was completely bump and spot-free.

I hope to repurchase the products once I get a chance to drop by Bioessence Divisoria Branch but until then, I'll keep repurchasing the Clindamycin from Dermcare as it's more accessible and cheaper. I just think that the one from Bioessence is more concentrated and faster-acting.

Since this is antibiotic, there might be side effects depends on your skin especially if you are not used to topical solutions like this. Patch test is the best done with this prior to application. Other people who are using Clindamycin might experience itchiness, peeling or excessive drying but nothing of those happened to me. There's just pure love from me as it helps with redness and blemishes too. Yes, this is a great spot treatment to prevent scarring.

If you are wondering, Clindamycin is safe for both genders. Let me know if you know any other medication for acne and I'll surely try them. Until next! Happy blogging!


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