Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Quick FX Eye Lift Cream With Ellagi-C and Niacinamide Review

Quick FX Eye Lift Cream
Bought for: P129
Bought from: SM Store

I might bore you with this article since when I tried to look for online reviews about it, there's already a lot. Still, I've been having mixed emotions toward this and I feel like it's worth to be talked about considering the fact that for an eye cream, it's only P129! Truth be told, this is the first time I have ever encountered an eye product that's so affordable. It made me think that if it does not work, I won't be disappointed at all and if it does, how lucky of me to find this in my life. Either way, it's something that I think deserves a spot here in my blog.

I'm always hesitant splurging for eye creams because sometimes they are even more expensive than regular creams. You know that by heart. I believe it's because producing them takes even more careful planning and manufacturing since our eyes and the skin around it are even more sensitive than anywhere else in our body. Makes sense?


Basically, this product claims to help in reducing the appearance of lines, dark circle and puffiness and helps in refining and toning of the areas around the eyes. It has known anti-aging products like Niacinamide which reduces fine line and wrinkles and Ellagi-C which is responsible in improving skin's elasticity and suppleness.


Clean skin thoroughly before applying. Place a small amount on your finger and apply a thin layer under the eye. Start strokes from the inner area under the eye towards the outer eye area. Use in the morning and at night.


The cream comes in a very simply designed packaging with all necessary information such as the claims, ingredients, direction for use and manufacturing and expiry dates. Just like all Quick FX products, it comes in a color block design and doesn't look and feel cheap at all. The tube itself is sturdy and the cap shuts tight with a click all the time. It comes in a travel-size tube that I can conveniently bring anywhere I go.


It barely smell like anything in particular so I guess nothing will complain or find it any off-putting. Also, it is safe to say that it's fragrance-free. I appreciate that because sometimes fragrances can cause negative skin reactions too and I wouldn't want it to be on products that's supposed to be applied  just anywhere near the eyes as products can easily sting and irritate it.


The product resembles lotions with its opaque white formula and and thin consistency. I wouldn't want something so thick and hard to absorb by the skin anyways. The cream is soft and blends easily on the skin. What I do is get a small amount and massage it in circulaar motion all over the skin around my eyes including the undereyes, lids and brow down to my upper cheekbone. I usually apply it in excess amount and then just let the cream dry completely in about 5 minutes. One tube has 30ml of product inside and I bet it would last me months and before it even expires, I hope to consume everything lol!


This product blends smoothly on the skin and I love that it feels very mild on the eye area too. It does not have any distinguishable scent as well. Other eye creams tend to sting when gets contact with the eyes but I didn't experience anything alike with Quick FX.

I apply this twice a day to make sure I keep puffiness at bay and for a product that's only P129, it does what I expect for an eye cream. Most of the time, even if I had enough sleep or not, my undereyes tend to look really puffy. On worst case scenarios, my co-workers would go on saying 'di ka na naman natulog kakanuod ng K-drama...' when in fact, I got a full 8 hours of sleep...like, what? I would just smile and stay silent, at least they have a false idea of what made my eyes look so restless.

When I started using this, I really saw the difference. Although after using it for about a month, nothing changes on the appearance of lines and color on my undereyes. Nevertheless, I still appreciate the fact that this eye cream is always able to contribute in making my eyes look more alive and hydrates the sensitive area around it. It does not feel greasy or shiny too so you can definitely wear it under makeup. Sometimes I think it even lengthens my shadow wear.

One thing I noticed while I am using it is that my lashes seem to fall out very frequently. Sometimes I look in the mirror and que horror it was seeing I have three strands of lash on my upper cheeks.To be fair, I have the set of eyes which gets irritated easily due to lots of factors like too much computer usage and brightness. Also, I unconsciously rub my eyes too often and that could be the culprit. Add to it the fact that I'm experiencing hormonal imbalance which makes me shed hair especially on the upper part of my face. Either way, it's quite alarming. I'm still observing it though and will update you about the progress.

If you are to use it, I would advise to keep usage only on the skin surrounding your eyes and avoid applying it directly on your lashes just to be safe. After all, it's not supposed to lengthen or volumize the hair. I would say I like it and will still repurchase. Let me know if you have tried this already and let's keep a conversation flowing down below! Happy blogging!


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