Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Scent That Relieves My Headache

Zenutrients Ginger Rx Oil, 10ml
Bought from: Freebie | SRP: P140
From: Sample Room

Lately, I have been feeling nauseous, sometimes dizzy from being over-exposed to computer monitors. I have a full 8-hour shift that requires 100% screen exposure and when I go home, all I do is watch Korean dramas through my laptop or do window shopping with my smart phone. I guess the brightness just seem to trigger light sensitivity and all.

Another factor is the weather. It's rainy season so we are all prone to sickness like headaches, cough and colds. I prefer water therapy than medications and probably some troubleshooters like ointments and oils. That is why I was glad when SR included a freebie from one of my recent purchases from them. Zenutrients Ginger Rx Oil just came right on time!

Claims (as per Beautymnl)
A warm and soothing brew that effectively relieves aches and discomfort; Organic formula; infused with natural ginger extracts; promotes blood circulation; warms and soothes; can also relieve coughs and colds when rubbed on the chest; A travel-sized treatment that relieves aches and pains on-the-go.

It comes in a roll-on type frosted glass tube that can be easily tucked inside purses when you travel. Despite its tiny figure, it's got proper labeling and information like descriptions, directions for use, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates are printed on a water and scratch-proof paper.

I really like the sweet, minty scent of Ginger--subtle but really soothing. My parents are users of ointments and we never really run out of those and they have really strong scents. If you prefer those, you might find the scents of this lacking or insufficient. I prefer these type because it doesn't smell too 'gagging' or strong enough for someone to catch a whiff of while I am doing some errands.

Ever since I was a child, air-conditioned vehicles made me nauseous and this is really a quick remedy in alleviating dizziness and headaches. What I do is swipe it on the corners of my nose and on my temples and apply some on my wrists too. I also have colds right now and during the nights when I find it hard to breathe, I make sure to keep this by my side. It seems to clear my pathways and help me get a good night.

When I do my next Beautymnl haul, I'll make sure to repurchase this on the site. Let me know your favorite scent! Happy blogging!


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