Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Wellness Package From Beautyml

I don't think I am 100% health conscious consumer because I crave junks and food rich in carbs and sugars every freakin' day. Good thing, I have a high self-control. I wouldn't say I am completely doing unhealthy living on the other hand because  green, leafy vegetables always win instead of meat and poultry products. I guess I could live without the latter every single day only if the rest of my family members agree (they love meat very much!).

I was so thrilled when Beautymnl reached me via e-mail saying that they would want to send over some wellness products they sell on their site for me to try and share with my family and also, to review. I almost forgot how to live a completely healthy lifestyle until they gave me these local snacks to munch and try for the first time. I'm grateful to Beautymnl for giving me a day of junk-free snacks!


I haven't tried this yet but I know this product because of my friends who are on diet. I eat regular oats and I love mixing sugar and milk on it which somehow defeats the purpose of it being a healthy snack but I love it all the same especially oats are good for the heart. I'm thinking of topping my yogurt with these or eat it like cereals!


This is the first I have eaten vegetable chips and I didn't even know they exist. The first few bites tasted weird and to be honest, I didn't like it. The dried leaves aren't very crunchy too as I imagined. I love sour cream and leafy vegetables though so I'm glad it comes with this flavor. I like that the chips are tasty enough and definitely a healthier option than your regular processed chips.


I like jellies and jelly drinks so these are really enticing to drink up much more with the Vitamins and Minerals it has. One of the best guiltless pleasures.


I love sweet dried fruits and these satisfy my cravings for crunchy snacks. I love that sweet fruity taste and are perfect healthy desserts! These are made without oil and frying too so you don't have to worry about carbs and artificial sweeteners.


I love that the package they sent me also include organic body products like this from the brand Happy Island Candle Co. This is the first time I get to try a product from them and what I love about this is that it's very moisturizing and rich, enough to soothe my extreme dry skin on my palms and soles. I just find the pineapple-mango scent a bit overwhelming.


This is right on time because I ran out of a facial cleanser to use. This cleanser smells great and I can tell it cleanses my skin well too. Let's just see if I won't get any flare ups with this.

And those are my wellness package sent by Beautymnl. I will be posting a full review for the skin care products so watch out. Meanwhile, check my IG for the munchies. I'm enjoying eating healthy snacks while watching Hwayugi!


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