Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A New Tint To Love: Black Rouge Airfit Velvet in A07 (Well-Dried Fig)

Black Rouge Airfit Velvet in Shade A07 Well-Dried Fig
Bought for: Free | SRP: P810 (sale for only P490 if you buy from my shop)

I almost thought that after my Peripera addiction, there will never be another lip tint that's gonna find its way to my heart. Well, you know what, I was in every way so wrong. Charis is always just so considerate that they let us, beauty enthusiasts, discover something great from time to time. Probably one of the highlights in my beauty journey this year is the discovery of this so-called Black Rouge Airfit Velvet Tint.


Packaging-wise, it does not have too much information printed which isn't bothersome for a lip tint. We all know the drill anyway. Most of the time, just the pigmentation and texture itself can already explain how it's worth your penny. I'm just glad it has the expiration date printed on the bottom for OC consumers like us. Who would like to use expired products after all?

A frosted, thick and durable plastic houses the tint. The red, holographic-detailed box and sleek blood-red cap looks so prestige without a doubt. And the lip-like applicator is of standard size, enough to apply the tint in full blast with just a few swipes.


You're probably aware (if you have read a lot of my blogs by now) that I am bad at describing scents. If I am not mistaken, the tint smells of bubblegum which is so yummy it makes me want to lick it.


The shade I got is in A07 (well-dried fig) which is what they claimed as the MLBB shade. I beg to disagree. It looks very good in swatches I find online though in personal, it appears more like true red with a cool undertone. I expected it to be warmer so that kinda disappoint me but it's a very minor issue I could just let pass. Here's a chart I got from Charis if you are interested in getting other shades.

One thing I noticed is that you won't get so many options as the shades look almost similar. All of them has strong touches of red. I hope there's still some transitions to pinks or peaches, other than that, I'm all good.


The texture is incredibly creamy and applies very pigmented in just a swipe. The swatch below shows you how even it applies and that a little goes a long way. I have my Peripera Airy Ink Velvet to compare it with and based on the swatch provided, you can tell which one won the pigmentation category.

Black Rouge Airfit Velvet is truly lightweight on the lips. It's gives a pigmentation that a lipstick could give but with the lightness of a tint. In terms of longevity, both do so well. Black Rouge Airfit Velvet stays on my lips for about 6 hours with slight fading in between drinks.

Upper swatch: Black Rouge Airfit Velvet
Lower swatch: Peripera Airy Ink Velvet


I love it and it's truly a good value for money. I also find a lot of uses for just one tube: daily gradation lip, full color point lip, and a blusher! K-beauty is so innovative--just imagine inventing makeup and skincare products that do multiple things is simply just awesome! I hope to try more from Black Rouge and if ever you are interested, you can buy this for a discounted price if you visit my Charis Shop.


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