Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Heimish Refresh Water Clean Up Peeling Toner Review

Heimish Refresh Water Clean Up Peeling Toner
Bought for: P210 (85 ml deluxe size)
Bought from: an online shop

Heimish Refresh Water Clean Up Peeling Toner is one of my purchases from the previous month. My favorite Korean Beauty Shop went on sale and this deluxe size of Heimish's very own Clean Up Peeling Toner was at an awesome discounted price and so I had the urge to purchase it right then and there. Deluxe sizes like this will already give me a generous time to gauge whether or not it is worth a repurchase. You know what I think? It definitely is!


An ultimate multitasking water that provides a clean canvas for any skincare and makeup that follows. Free of alcohol, the new Heimish Refresh Water picks up any residue left behind after cleansing without drying or irritating skin. Loaded with natural plant and flower extracts, Refresh Water can be used as a toner/gentle exfoliator during your regular skincare routine and as a refreshing mist throughout the day. As a toner, Refresh Water resets pH level after cleansing with rose water. Orange fruit extract, natural AHA and BHA gently exfoliate while nut oil extracts hydrate skin. Made without artificial fragrance, dye or parabens. Great for all skin types, including sensitive skin types.

TO USE: Moisten a cotton pad and gently swipe across the face. Or dispense a few drops into palm and pat onto skin. Decant in a mister to use as refresher throughout the day.


The sleek box looks very lovely with that different hues of green and blue. The bottle itself comes in a matte green bottle with a twist cap and an inner aluminum seal. It looks very clean and chic and I appreciate that it has tons of information about the product like description, expiration date, ingredient list and directions for use.

I am glad I purchased the deluxe size because it comes in 345 ml bottle which is as huge as a water bottle. That's heavy and bulky enough not to fit on makeup purses. The 85 ml is just perfect for travelling though I still tend to decant small amounts to a spray bottle to use it as a mist or refresher by afternoon.


It resembles water in texture and has a faint citrus-y scent which I like, not too strong nor off-putting. Application is super basic--all you need is to tap a generous amount onto a cotton pad and apply it to your face without too much rubbing. Cotton pads help in exfoliation as you can really see traces of dirt and makeup residue afterwards.

It's very basic to use over all, you can apply it with your hands but that won't guarantee it won't drip. I actually had a hard time taking a picture of the product on my palm and by the time I did, there were only a few left. It also defeats the purpose of giving us the 'extra' cleaning and exfoliation unlike when you use it with a cotton pad.

The product does not get absorbed by the skin easily. It feels a bit tacky on the first few minutes and eventually fades away, leaving skin bright, supple and hydrated. I felt mild stinging sensation on the first few uses and my skin eventually adapts to it days after. It's probably because of the natural acids this product is infused with.


With 20 active natural ingredients, I couldn't help wonder how they all fit in one bottle. They may come in small quantities but mixed them together, I don't think I will ever find something as healthy of a skincare product as it sounds. The combination of all natural oils and extracts are just too tempting.

Using it for two weeks, I noticed my skin has brightened up and it also works well with other exfoliation products I use. There were no pimples or acne breakouts but all whiteheads and blackheads I had still exist. It's probably not the best exfoliating toner in the market but I'm glad it's got a lot of other uses--cleanser, toner and a mist!

What I probably don't like about it is that it does not make the rest of  my makeup gets absorb easily. Whatever creams and foundations I apply over it, they take time to settle and they would even tend to look patchy. I know this toner is the culprit as it was the only product I applied after cleansing. Which is why I would advise you to only use it during bed time when your skin is undisturbed from UV rays, makeup and pollution.

I think this is a nice basic toner to give skin the hydration it deserves while also getting rid of impurities on the skin instantly. It's quite affordable given the amount and you can even score this on some online shops out there that offer the lowest price for Korean beauty products.


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