Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hello Gorgeous Active Gold Facial Mask Review

Hello Gorgeous Active Gold Facial Mask
Bought for: P150 | SRP: P300 (100g)
Bought from: Lazada Philippines

I have been wanting to try Hello Gorgeous products for quite some time but I was holding back and was waiting for the right time. You know what's the right time for me? When they go on sale! That's when I always cave in. Which is why I was so happy when the brand hosted an online sale through their Lazada shop where I get this item for 50% off. Steal, right?


Facial Mask Active Gold is mositurizng mask that leaves skin ultra soft and glowing.


24k Gold Powder, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid and Kaolin Clay


Apply evenly to skin with brush or hand. Avoid the eye area. Let dry for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with water and pat dry with clean towel. Use twice or thrice a week.


It comes in this jar-type of packaging which also means that we have to be extra careful everytime we are using it. It's very open so contamination is more likely. Just make sure to always use  clean fingers or brush whenever you apply it so it won't be a breeding ground for bacteria.

What I appreciate though a bit sad about is that HG's products have really short shelf life. Sad because with the numbers of other skincare products I am in dire need to try, I might have some leftovers when their time's up. Also, most of the products I received only has a few more months before they expire (expiring January 2019). I couldn't complain though since they are on sale but still.

I couldn't help admire their products at the same time because if you are going to think about it, other products with long shelf life are composed of preservatives which may do harm the skin and cause long-term damages. This is just safe to say that HG's products are absolutely cruelty and preservatives-free. Feel free to correct me in this hypotheses please.


As you can see, the mask has a pale yellow color and is indeed very creamy and soft to apply. It does not impart any cooling sensation but it feels very soothing on the skin. This product has an indistinguishable scent but I know it does not have any perfume on it which is what makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

The product has Hyaluronic Acid and Kaolin Clay on it so that may contribute to the scent too but since this ingredient is known to control oil and clear up skin imperfections (what attracts me to buy it in the first place), I would say it can be used for someone with oily skin and huge pores like mine.

Another ingredient is the Shea Butter which I can tell plays a big role in making the mask as creamy as it is. This is a Cleopatra-approved ingredient as well as the 24K Gold Powder, both work well in hydrating and softening those with the driest skin.


This is probably my best buy from the haul. It is so hydrating and I can feel that my skin is supple and soft after rinsing off the product. The mask leaves tiny gold specks on the skin which gives it an extra brightening effect. These are very unnoticeable and they may get wiped out with too much rinsing but your skin is still as glowing and radiant as it's supposed to be. In fact, I only figured it out when I was about to apply some lotion on my palms. Saw there were specks of gold and so I take a closer look on my skin and there they are!

Because I was afraid the mask won't run out as fast until it reaches January, I took so much advantage of this and apply it almost everyday or if I'm tired, I'll only skip a day. A little goes a long way so I would say that on fairly regular and SUGGESTED use, this product may last for three or four months depends on how much you apply.

Using this for about two weeks, I noticed that it did not break me out though I am yet to see if ever it will help reduce redness and lighten my blemishes with long-term use. I will update you on that! So far, I'm still using it very religiously because it helps balance oil production and soothes existing pimples and blackheads. Can't wait on the next Hello Gorgeous sale! I have a lot more to try!!!


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