Monday, September 3, 2018

How I Only Paid P109.50 For 5 Skincare Items in Lazada

I remembered I was just browsing in Lazada when a promotion caught my attention. It was their referral program when every time a friend clicks on your shared links, it will automatically give you up to P40 depends on how successful they were redirected to Lazada website. It could be as low as P1 for existing members and a maximum of 40-peso credit if they are newbies.

Fast forward to the third day of me sharing links to my social media accounts, I cashed out P1,020 after successfully referring people to the site through Facebook Share. I didn't know they will be that interested, nonetheless, thanks to them Lazada credited a thousand bucks to my Lazada wallet.

The amount can be used for any purchases within the site including prepaid loads. I can't go on a day without an internet connection so some were used for mobile surfing. P300 of it were spent for landline calls when I had issues with my Metrobank and BDO ATM cards. I was left with P570 .50 which I spent for some Hello Gorgeous skincare items when they went on sale.

Here are the individual prices (already on sale):

  • UV Shield Gel - P250
  • Facial Scrub - P150
  • Glowing Peel Gel - P150
  • Rose Face Mist - P100
  • Active Gold Mask - P150
All five (5) items amounted to P800. I was able to use an offer that slashed off 15% off the grand total which leaves me paying for the remaining P680. I used my Lazada credit of P570.50 for the partial payment and basically only loaded up P109.50 to process the whole thing. Who says these ain't smart buys? :)

Please stay tuned for my upcoming reviews and I know I have a lot to say! Watch out for that! For the meantime, if you are wondering how to get started with the referral program, start here. It's completely free to join!


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