Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Regret Purchase: Lameila PH Gentleness Don't Harm The Skin Face Wipes Oil Blotting Sheets

Lameila PH Face Wipes Oil Blotting Sheets
Bought for: P29/each
Bought from: Lameila PH

Do you still remember my tipid haul from Shopee last time? I was planning to only buy cotton pads from Lameila but because there were tons of other beauty tools and products that interest me, I couldn't help but cave in. I kept carting products until I was quite short from availing the free shipping option. I saw these blotting papers for only P29 and I was like, oh right, it won't hurt a lot and I'm running out of blotting sheets after all. Oily skin necessities, you know!

I got two of these and I guess for a 29-peso product, you really can't expect a lot. I like the very cute packaging but inside is just a total mess. I mean, look at that. The papers were crumpled and they aren't neatly tucked together either. I couldn't help noticing how they were cut unevenly too.

The sheets are bluish in color and to be honest, it doesn't suck up too many oils. It also tears very easily. Now that I think about it, I feel like I've just wasted about 60 bucks when I could have bought a much better blotting paper like the ones from Pretty Secret's (P49).

Also, I would need to use about three sheets per retouch just because. So yeah, nope, not everything that's cheap actually saves you money. I'm not gonna repurchase but that doesn't mean I'll stop buying from Lameila PH. Their beauty tools comes in fun colors and are absolutely of use!


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