Friday, September 21, 2018

Leiania House of Beauty Haul: Everything-At-100-Peso Sale

Last week, Leiania House of Beauty hosted an online sale where almost everything dropped to P100. If you have been a subscriber since day one, you definitely know that Ms. Favia was among the very first organic brand owner who trusted me with providing honest reviews for her products.

Aside from the brand's Face Absorbent Paper, the Ultra Moist and Tone Whitening Lotion has been a top pick and I have lost track how many times I have repurchased. I cannot even tell which one is closer to my heart because they are both efficient on their own. I just stopped buying unmistakably last year because I realized it's too much expensive for a body lotion and I had a lot in my plate. Sale season like this is just the perfect time to stock up!

These lotions are really good. It's made of organic actives and natural ingredients so you know what is being absorbed by your skin is healthy and pure. Originally, one 350ml tub retails for P600. So that's like saving P1500 for 3!

Because I haven't tried these two products yet (new to the LHOF skincare collection), I also bought a salve that I intend to apply on my extremely dry hands and feet. Let's see if this is something that does what it's supposed to. Originally priced more than P780 in Beautymnl, again, I got this for just P100. Anyone heard of a better deal?


I just recently bought the face mist trend which is why I got this Vit ACE Anti-Ageing Mist. I am now 21 and it has to be the beginning of a woman having to use anti-aging products to avoid premature aging. Owning a new facial mist is cool, but the Vitamins A, C, and E infusion is way more interesting.

I hope LHOB could host a sale like this one more time and I'm sure to purchase more!


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