Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex. Review

Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex
Bought from: Free with points | SRP: P149/25ml
Available in: selected drugstores nationwide and online shops

I don't have too much patience with masks but because I was too stressed out from too much work load, I thought of giving myself a mini pampering session with this mask from the popular brand, Mediheal. I know that there's no need for thorough introduction because if you are a beauty follower, you know that this has been in the market for ages so let's not delve deep into details.

Just a brief information though, according to Rappler, this mask sheet is best for those with oily skin types with the claim to "provide abundant moisture to your skin, control sebum, minimize pores, and improve skin elasticity. The face mask has a silky texture that fits perfectly on your facial curves..." This is a good news as I badly need a mask that would suit my oily skin, something that instead of giving me good results, would tend to break me out further. I've used not much sheet masks before but now that I have tried this one from Mediheal, I realized that most of them were still heavy for my liking. Also, the essences are too thick and moisturizing more than my skin can handle.

The cellulose mask sheet is said to be made of fine, silky fiber which is absolutely soft and even felt delicate but isn't prone to tearing. I was able to open the sheet and it spread wide in one whole. I like that the mask fits my face accurately better than others and the well-soaked fiber adheres to the skin and stays put even when I move around. I never had a sheet mask that fits this very comfortable and it somehow let my skin breathe from within.

The mask is almost fragrance-free and it feels so refreshing when applied. It has tons of essences but when the 20 minute was up, the mask felt dry and the little engraved Mediheal letters showed up. This is way better than other mask sheets because it just meant that the essences get absorbed easier by my skin.

If you think Mediheal masks aren't that soaked, you're thinking wrong. Because there are still a lot essences left on the pouch. I even contemplated whether or not to use the remaining formula for a second session or just use it everywhere especially on the drier areas of my skin. I opted for the latter and there's still too much left!

I did not expect any drastic improvement on my skin but because I use it after chemical exfoliation, my skin felt so soothe and the cooling effect helped a lot. My skin felt so soft and smooth too and all the more when I wake up. It doesn't feel as tacky and oily as other mask sheets so it's true when it says it's definitely for oily skin peeps. But because it's still hydrating on its own, I am pretty sure those with dry skin will like it.

Overall, I like Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex and this is by far the best Korean mask I have tried in my life, no wonder it's been a cult-fave! I am sure to repurchase this for that boost of hydration my skin needs. Let me know which variants are as great as this one and I'll surely give that a try!


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