Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Pond's Angel Face Natural Mattifying and Pinkish White Glow Face Powders Review

Pond's Angel Face Natural Mattifying and Pinkish White Glow Face Powders
Bought for: P100/ea (50g)
Bought from: an online shop

I didn't know Pond's creates face powders too until their BB Magic Powder became so trendy online. I haven't tried that one out yet but I'm hoping I'll get to. Anyway, I also figured out they came in two other variants--Natural Mattifying and Pinkish White Glow.

Most likely, we don't know these exists before because these are manufactured by Pond's in Thailand. I'm glad there are online sellers who has the capability of getting suppliers from such country.


Both powders come in standard type of face powder packaging--has a twist cap and a sifter. Very limited information is displayed in both Thai and English languages and I appreciate that Thailand made these products for universal use too. These powders don't seem like they are for professional use so I would love if they could put some effort in distributing the product in loose powder containers instead. That way it would be easier to apply it with a setting or powder brush instead of using the hands. Which reminds me of getting empty loose powder containers the next time I go shopping online!


The natural mattifying variant comes in tinted blue powders and has a very fine texture and very smooth to apply. Don't fret because it doesn't change the color of your skin in anyway. It's heavily-fragranced, something which reminds me of classic powders. I really like the scent despite perfume being in the middle part of the ingredient list. (That means the amount of perfume might be quite huge in quantity!)

Because perfume is present, I was so afraid of using this everyday since I always have bad cases of breakouts if I am to use heavily-scented products. Turns out, this remains in my makeup purse!


I don't see much difference in terms of texture, application, scent and packaging. The Pinkish White Glow variant mirrors what the Natural Mattifying variant can do except the powders are tinted light pink. Both have brightening effects and settle on the skin without adding any color and coverage on top of makeups. Also, they make foundation looks so flawless and smooth. This is safe to say that both variants are good translucent setting powders that's on the affordable side.

My skin is super oily so I never run out of translucent powders. What I love about this is the finely-milled texture of the product and how lightweight and smooth they are to apply. Unlike other face powders, these aren't so drying on the skin nor tends to emphasize any occurring flakiness.

It instantly mattifies my oily skin and absorbs too much oil for about only 2 hours. You will really need to retouch every now and then which I don't think anyone with oily skin would mind as these are so affordable. They aren't just accessible as I would love them to be. I hope local supermarkets would sell these soon!

These products claim to possess double sun protection which I don't really trust considering that I only need small amount for every use. A need for sunscreen lotions might be necessary but a little added sun protection won't hurt.

Overall, I think these are good substitutes for expensive translucent setting powders since I love its effect on the skin. The unique colors of the powder also works in balancing the shade of the skin and making skin look so radiant and glowing! I just hope that Pond's can tame down the perfume amount and make it accessible for everyone.

I can't decide which one is better as I love the effect of both, almost similar. Sometimes, I combine them whenever I'm doing my makeup. If I don't have the luxury of time, I just get whatever my fingers can reach first. Apply it as is or on top of makeup and expect a matte, glowing complexion without spending a fortune!


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