Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Simple 3-Step Lip Care Routine With Human Nature Lip Care Products

Hello, everyone! Just want to share with you, girls, my very simple lip care routine with three products I trust from Human Nature. These are the items I purchased months ago but still using up until now. My lips is far from being perfect, they are the most sensitive parts of my body, they do chap and bleed from time to time but I make sure I do these three steps whenever I have to.


I know it's very likely to pick on hanging skin when our lips are chapped and dry so the least we can do is have it the healthy way. I really like Human Nature Lip Scrub in Peppermint because of its awesome moisturizing and smoothening properties. The minty sensation helps soothe broken skin and the scrubs are abrasive enough to slough away all the dead skin cells on my lips without having to cause further damage.

Alternative: Just mix a small amount of raw honey and brown sugar into paste and apply on the lips very gently. Do not overdo as it might irritate your skin rather than do something fulfilling.


I never, ever skip lip balms because my lips are so dry, you can't imagine how much. The color have became uneven because of too much chapping and bleeding caused by lip products itself. This made me skeptical in trying just almost anything on my lips. And because I don't want to compromise how I look during the day, I like using tinted lip balms because it's basically moisture and color in one. If you are looking for one, try this Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Flame Tree. They also have flavored lip balms that aren't tinted like the peppermint variant that goes well with the scrub and is also 100% natural.

Alternative: Petroleum jellies are my favorites too!


Sometimes, your lips need treatment too just like our facial skin. While we use overnight sleeping mask, why not moisturize your lips while you sleep too? Lip care needs very low maintenance. All you need to have is a reliable product like Human Nature Sunflower Lip Miracle. It soften the skin overnight and helps improve the overall texture of the skin. It does wonders at a very low price.

Alternative: Lip sleeping masks and packs or any deep moisturizing lip balms like Burt Bee's.

And there you have it! All you need is a 3-step routine to maintain a good, less-textured canvas where you put on lipstick so smoothly. Let me know what you do to keep your lips as healthy as possible! Happy blogging!


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