Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Here’s Where You Should Shop Jeans If You’re Petite

Most brands and shops only sell jeans that are sizes 25 and above. I have a small built, 5'0 flat in height, XXS-S in size and 23-24 in waist measurement. Standard sizes don't usually fit me and I always need to go an extra mile in looking for denims that would really fit. I usually opt for body-hugging jeans because (1) First, lose ones make me look thinner; (2) Tight jeans makes my legs look slimmer and longer; (3) There's no need for belts and easy to pair with almost any tops for a casual look. You know, comfort over style.

This is not a sponsored post nor was sent products for feature by Puffmnl. You know just how I love shopping all my stuff from online shops and after so many trials and errors, I get to have a trusted shop where I buy my denims from. They do not only sell standard-sized jeans, they also cater to those who have petite frames that has a built as small as a 22-waisted girl!

What I love about this shop is that the seller is too accommodating and she always values customer satisfaction. She grants almost every wish as possible and is making sure that what she sells are top-notch for its price. As mistakes are inevitable, communicating it to her is the best thing to do. She will do what it takes to make you satisfied--shipping a newer and damage-free item as an exchange, or refund your payment immediately.

Puffmnl sells overrun jeans ranging from P300 and above depends on the design. Quality are almost the same and whatever makes the jeans not pass quality control, is very unnoticeable. Their high-waist jeans fits so perfectly for small girls like me because it's not too high waist-ed (just enough to cover the belly button) nor too long in the ankle part. The jeans are also a bit stretchy but not too much as they do not lose their shape and fit for a long time.

Most of the overrun stores I stumbled with sells the same kind of jeans for P500 and above. This is the only online shop that sells inexpensive but good-fitting and quality denims. From skinny-fitting, straight to mom and boyfriend jeans, Puffmnl got it for you! You might want to cart them fast and make a purchase because their items sell out real fast!


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