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Another #TSF Highly Recommended: Luxe Organix Bentonite Clay Indian Healing Clay (Review)

Luxe Organix Bentonite Clay Indian Healing Clay
Bought for: Free with points | SRP: P379/450g
Bought from: Sample Room

I have never tried any bentonite masks before though they do not completely sound alien to me. It's merely because of the famous Indian Healing Clay from Aztec Secret that has been going the rounds in the internet months back. And yes, I haven't tried that one out yet either. I have tried other powdered clay masks before which didn't work so I guess I just did not want to shell out money for an over-five-hundred-peso product which I'm not ready to be disappointed to. Thanks to Sample Room, they made Luxe Organix Bentonite Clay Indian Healing Clay  available in their website. Now, I am so ready and excited to try out bentonite clays I would ever laid my eyes on.


Achieve clearer and smoother skin with the world’s most powerful facial mask! Packed with 100% pure and premium calcium bentonite clay and other useful minerals, Luxe Organix Bentonite Clay helps detoxify and tighten the skin, clear up acne and blackheads, shrink pores, combat wrinkles, and regenerate skin tissue for that fresher, youthful glow. It can also be used for the hair to aid hair growth and can be added to the bath to absorb toxins. Safe and suitable for all skin types such as normal, oily, or acne-prone skin.

OTHER BENEFITS: Helps control the overproduction of sebum, softens the skin, exfoliates the skin, gives a definite glow to the face with continuous use, gives an even skin tone and reduces the appearance of scars.



As you can tell, the jar is kinda bulky that is because of the amount of product inside. One tub has 450g of 100% pure and premium calcium bentonite clay. It's being sold for only P379 which is way cheaper than the Aztec Secret and the content's about the same. It's got an inner seal for protection and once torn open, you'll see that it's actually full to the brim. If you are someone who loves to travel, you might want to decant a few scoops to a clean, empty jar so it would be convenient.


The product's scent is hardly distinguishable, almost barely there. It has a sort of khaki color and the clay has a soft, smooth and refined texture--none of those rough and pokey substances that doesn't dissolve in liquid.


Here are the materials you will (possibly) need when using bentonite clay as a facial mask. First rule, no metal spoons or bowls as it may reduce the effectiveness of the clay. I won't lie that I know the Science behind it but let's just follow and don't judge, all right? :P

So I got here purple plastic bowl, a mixing tool, and some measuring spoons. Not that purple is necessary of course (lol). I also forgot to include the facial mask here but that's something you might want to use if ever you have one. I don't encourage you to buy DIY mask materials (but if you are planning to, you may click HERE to know where I got mine). It just happened I bought one so might as well put them to good use, right? I also get myself a glass of water to try it out but to be honest, I like my mask with ACV better.

The process is very easy. Just mix equal parts of clay and liquid onto the plastic bowl and mix them together.  I use two scoops each every time. The water and clay are standalone and you don't have to mix other ingredients to maximize the effect. Doing that might dilute the effectiveness of the mask as well. As directed, there are two ingredients you can mix it with--water and/or Apple Cider Vinegar. In the photo below, I mixed it with water. They do not mix well together. The mixture looks muddy and there were thick globs of clay created. It's not the same when combined with ACV. The mixture is creamier, more uniform and blended (check the next swatch).


***mixed with ACV


I really love this Luxe Organix Bentonite Clay Indian Healing Clay! The goodness of Bentonite Clay and ACV fused together give skin the softest texture. My skin is more balanced and less oily every time I use this mask and my pores look more refined. It gives skin a healthy, radiant glow despite the slight drying feeling. It's not something a good moisturizer can fix though.

Another thing I noticed is that it hasten the drying of pimples and eliminates bumps for a smoother and softer complexion. Definitely, no breakouts or irritation at all. It made me realize this is suitable for any skin types. The mask dries quickly too so it saves you the hassle of having to maybe fan your skin or sit in front of the air-conditioner. The mask alone is enough to cool the skin for a nice, relaxing pampering session in the comfort of your home.

The only thing that might be bothersome is the scent coming through from the mixture of ACV and Bentonite Clay. That's just so awful! It's something we just have to ignore and get used to if the product's working.

*** Luxe Organix Bentonite Clay Indian Healing Clay in action

This product is multi-tasking too. Now I know why it's been sold in huge tubs-- it can also be used for the hair to aid hair growth and can be added to the bath to absorb toxins. Now, I haven't tried either one yet but I'll make sure to update once I did! If you are looking for the best clay mask to detoxify, this is the perfect product to use! Definitely, a #TSF recommended!


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