Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Is Althea Korea Wonder Mystery Box Worth It?

Althea Korea Wonder Mystery Box
Bought for: P700 plus P250 SF
Bought from: Althea Korea

I couldn't keep track of how many boxes I got from Althea Korea since what, 2016? I guess the whole Althea Korea thing is just addictive--I mean from packaging to contents--they got fresh batches and trendy stuff to sell. Do you still remember their curated boxes before? Oh how I wish the fairies bring them back!

Moving forward, when Althea Korea advertised early September that they've got something we'll surely go crazy about, I hurriedly placed an order on their website with the fear that if I wait a little longer, all stocks may get sold out. The website even crashed because, well, you just can't control girls. I was so relieved after my order pushed through.

I placed an order September 25th and get an e-mail confirmation right away. It took about 5 days for them to process everything and get my parcel ready for transit. I, then, received the pink parcel October 6th which is way fast for an international shipping. Always kudos to Althea Korea for that!

Right before I got my pink parcel, I searched online and checked on what other girls got. The reviews were kind of mixed and there's like two or three girls I felt sorry for. Couldn't blame them when they had products shipped through bubble wraps alone or getting Vitamin C's from Dear, Klairs that'd just oxidized. Not very Althea Korea, I thought. I was disheartened with all the unboxing videos and reviews available but deep inside I still sure had hopes left.

And there Kuya Rider came, handing me my pink parcel. My heart was racing because mine's came with a pink box! It looked a little squashed from shipping though and again, it's something I didn't expect from Althea. Then again, what's inside's gotta matter most. I thought it was a little more special until I saw what's inside.


Someone's getting a box of COSRX might rejoice but I couldn't. Sure, mine's all in good condition, they are not expired or damaged at all but these are stuff I have already tried previously and weren't something that made it to my holygrails. For the amount I paid though (P950), there's still a deficit of 460 from the total amount of the items combined together. Not too bad.

So Althea Korea Wonder Mystery Box worth it? I don't think so. Although I am always thrilled with mystery boxes, I think next time I'd rather buy specific K-beauty stuff I sure would use. But who knows? I would still opt for curated boxes so I hope Althea would bring them back. If you still haven't got yours, don't get your hopes too high. Planning to shop in Althea? You can use my code HERE to avail 20% discount from your total bill!


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