Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Megan Beauty Detox and Lightening Peel-Off Clay Mask Review

Megan Detox and Lightening Peel-Off Clay Mask
Bought for: P180/6 packs
Bought from: Megan Official Store

I've tried a few peel-off masks before like the ones from PILATEN, IWHITE, BEAUTYFIX and VEDETTE. I've had good experience with these ones and the question is...was it the same with Megan's? We'll know as you read further after the short break!

I'm sure you've heard of Megan before. I am just not sure if they are a local brand but their product says 'Made in P.R.C' (China). Their products are quite affordable as expected and although I didn't have high hopes, I was expecting to have at least some nice experience with the product.


The claim is very short and precise which is " help remove impurities and lighten skin, leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing." We all know what clay masks are for--detoxifies the skin from within and also helps keep oil at bay.


I am glad that aside from the bulky tubes, Megan also sells their product in sachet forms. I just think it's very convenient and very economical to use. The idea of sachets are really good for those who would like to try a product without committing to buy full-sized. And to be honest, I'm glad I didn't spend a few extra bucks for the full-size because I don't think I'll ever be needing a backup.


The mask has the typical clay mask shade in Black and reeks of strong scent of alcohol and some indistinguishable chemicals. I  find it so pungent and take note, I'm not even that sensitive to scents. I'm sure there is a huge amount of alcohol on it and the ingredient list is a proof. Despite the presence of alcohol, this mask takes forever to dry. The formula is so thick and creamy, it's a pain to apply and blend evenly on the skin. Usually, a peel-off masks in sachet form is enough for about two uses but this product is so hard to blend that you really have to pile it on very thick for it to finally work.



So...let me tell you what happened. After about an hour, it was time to remove the mask. I started from the bottom and  the entire time I was just crying while peeling it off. It was so painful. The density of my hair on my face may be too plenty but it doesn't feel this painful whenever I use other peel-off masks. Okay, let's say it adheres to the skin very well. That leaves us to the expectation that it's effective in removing all the impurities I have in my skin, right? Guess I was wrong. All it did remove were just tiny hairs I had in my face. My skin felt so sore right after and it was so red all over.

When I tried to wash my face later that night, it burns. I wake up the next day looking like a grease ball and there were a few tiny pus-filled breakouts on my upper lip, cheeks and forehead. I usually get those reaction from trying something out that either doesn't work or does irritate my skin. Either way, the experience wasn't very nice. I don't even want to do it the second time.

I am sure you can tell I didn't like the product. Although I still have the Gold Collagen variant and I am still willing to test that one out. Hopefully, it has a different scent and I hope it's milder than this. I'll update you guys on that. Anyway, I forgot to greet you Happy Halloween! Enjoy your days off! :*


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