Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Reach Out To These Affordable Moisturizers If You Have Dry Palms and Heels

Having soft and smooth palms and heels, for me, are nothing for show-offs. They are not what catches people's attention when they first see you after all. For me, though, it does contribute to self confidence. Just think of a moment when someone touches your hand or when it's a special day and you are about to wear your shiny, shimmery high heels...having well-moisturized skin will definitely pay off.

The challenge is that I have dry palms and heels. Most of the time hand and body lotions aren't enough to moisturize them which is why I opt for products with generous amounts of possible emollients, those with richer textures and consistency. Others were a bit expensive and provide moisture that only lasts for a couple of hours, others became a holy grail. Which is why I summed up my three (3) affordable skin moisturizers that effectively get rid of  my dry and scaly pelts.


*upper swatch: Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream
*lower swatch: Nivea Creme


Comes in different sizes for household, vanity and travel uses, Nivea Creme has been around for ages. It probably won't make it had it failed to do its job. The cream is just so rich and thick that it instantly soothe dry skin and bring back the skin's natural sheen. I like applying it overnight using a generous amount and my palms and heels would be super soft and supple the following day. Since I spend office hours in an air-conditioned room (where moisture gets sucked by the cold), this is what I bring with me all the time and it keeps my skin well-moisturized the entire day.



This moisturizer has a lighter and bouncier consistency than the Nivea Creme, thus the 'Soft' on its name. It's way more lightweight and breathable but still enough to moisturize the skin on a more humid season. Just like all products featured here, it is safe for all skin types and ages and could be applied anywhere on your body too. For only P239, you get a bulky tub with the cream full to its brim.



This is my latest discovery from Leiania House of Beauty. It caught my attention when LHOB had a very recent flash sale where most of their items are only P100. I got one when I hoarded my favorite lotion from the brand. The texture doesn't look like salves I know which are more balmy and comes in tiny jars. It has a very runny formulation which surprisingly feels very moisturizing when applied. It leaves a bit of oiliness after first few minutes and my skin would just drink it up completely.

LHOB didn't mention specifically that this is for hand and body use but since it's quite thick and greasy for face use, I just apply it anywhere on my body instead. Good thing, it works!

Let me know what are your trusted body moisturizers down below! Would love to give them a try too! Happy blogging!


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